We are not looking for the conservative Barack Obama

Dana Loesch at Big Government makes an important point this morning as conservatives soon head back to Washington with more skin in the game. Although conservatives do need leaders and mentors across the United States, we are in no way in need of a figurehead for a “new” movement. I’m fine with our Founding Fathers thank you very much.

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What we believe, Part 1 – Small Government & Free Enterprise

The upcoming video series from Bill Whittle may be promising, especially for readers still wondering what it means to be a conservative. TEA Party members … share your thoughts.

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Reminder: Most people are conservatives

The current AP/Roper poll indicates most of us are “moderates”, but that’s not true. The sample – and how you ask the question – is very important. AP/Roper consistently shows one-third of the population describes themselves as moderate, while the George Washington University Battleground Poll consistently shows almost two-thirds of registered likely voters are somewhat or very conservative.

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Battleground Poll: 90% concerned about federal government’s level of spending

The April 2010 version of the GWU Battleground Poll is out, and along with the question I normally check out (D3), new this time around I noticed question 33. Ninety percent describe themselves as concerned about federal government spending. Is the message getting out?

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The Mount Vernon Statement text finally revealed

The text of the Mount Vernon Statement has been posted online. Nothing for a conservative to disagree with, and nothing really new in my opinion. My guess? Prominent conservative leaders will no longer refer to it within 60 days.

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New Battleground Poll – 63% consider themselves conservative

As readers may remember, I’ve been monitoring the George Washington University Battleground Poll for quite some time. In August I wrote about the July results showing a 2 point increase in the number of registered voters who considered themselves conservative or very conservative. This week we had 4 point move.

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Newsweek cover on Palin reads like a parody

Are they loosing it? If they want Sarah Palin to go away and for the media to stop talking about her, maybe the media … uhhh … should stop talking about her! Looking into the political future of the GOP is like trying to see a pen cap at the bottom of a soy latte with double foam.

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Symptom of the Disease: New York’s 23rd House race

All politics, are no longer local. With the coming of the information age, broadband internet and online credit card processing, we’ve entered into the blood sport of manipulating United States House and Senate races in far-away states and districts of which we have never been, nor will likely visit in the future. Is this a good thing?

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Matthews: Conservatives watch football don’t they?

Come on … he’s joking right? Chris Matthews debating whether Rush Limbaugh should be allowed to purchase the St Louis Rams, complete with past Rush quotes that even Matthews points out were not racist.

But the conversation veers way off course right after sports commentator Kevin Blackistone says the NFL is doing very well without Limbaugh (well not the Rams), and doesn’t need Limbaugh. Matthews follow up question is … ummm … Matthews. But talk show host Stephen Smith’s answer is priceless, followed by a tirade about black players standing up for issues or something.


Yes, Stephen, conservatives watch football. What goes unsaid here is the reason the question is asked. These libs are actually convinced conservatives are a racist enclave that won’t watch sports because there are black players. And just what are these issues that black players are supposed to be standing up for?

Just win baby …and that’s all Rush wants to do too.