We are not looking for the conservative Barack Obama

Dana Loesch at Big Government makes an important point this morning as conservatives soon head back to Washington with more skin in the game. Although conservatives do need leaders and mentors across the United States, we are in no way in need of a figurehead for a “new” movement. I’m fine with our Founding Fathers thank you very much.

For the past two years, the media has been trying to pin down a nationwide leader of the conservative TEA Party “movement.” They do this to make it easy for the left-wing media to tear down the “movement” by tearing down their self-described king of the movement.

Be it Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin or any other number of conservative leaders and mentors, the way they work is to identify a target, isolate them from the conservative base by pointing out personal flaws – be them real, lies, perceived or twisted – and hammering them until supporters of the individual lose interest as the true message becomes lost. The left has even targeted the Founding Fathers themselves. I’m certainly not saying they all led perfect monk-type lives, but how many of us can claim perfection?

The problem the left-wing media and liberals have had for the past two years is that they are unable to select a target that will work for them. The TEA Party movement’s foundation is grounded in the United States Constitution itself, the ideology of free men and limited government, not one man or one woman.

As noted, Loesch at Big Government probably says it better than I.

Conservatives don’t need to look for “hope” in a person because people are imperfect. Conservatives put their stock in the ideology ushered forth by our Founding Fathers, the ideals that keep us free men. The media’s desire to make a figurehead for every movement (which is why the tea party frustrates them so) perpetuates the construct of celebrity politics; it perpetuates it as an industry with election night as its Oscars. Elected office was never intended to become its own industry; it was to be filled with common men who, by way of still having jobs and families back home, maintained the connection to the problems of average, everyday people and thus could better serve.

Liberals are just dying for us to identify an ideologue king, but by definition, a constitutional conservative can not be involved in king-making. Don’t get me wrong, we certainly welcome leaders and mentors, but a king … no way. Just imagine a conservative proudly stating she won’t have to worry about the mortgage or filling up her gas tank on election night after a constitutional conservative is elected to the highest office in the land. Not going to happen.

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  1. Chas
    Chas says:

    Great point by Loesch. As the liberlas and left wing media  seek a leader. They have to look no further anymore. The name: "WE THE PEOPLE"

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    "Conservative Barack Øbama"?


    I think we would prefer someone with actual experience.  In anything.

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