Matthews: Conservatives watch football don’t they?

Come on … he’s joking right? Chris Matthews debating whether Rush Limbaugh should be allowed to purchase the St Louis Rams, complete with past Rush quotes that even Matthews points out were not racist.

But the conversation veers way off course right after sports commentator Kevin Blackistone says the NFL is doing very well without Limbaugh (well not the Rams), and doesn’t need Limbaugh. Matthews follow up question is … ummm … Matthews. But talk show host Stephen Smith’s answer is priceless, followed by a tirade about black players standing up for issues or something.


Yes, Stephen, conservatives watch football. What goes unsaid here is the reason the question is asked. These libs are actually convinced conservatives are a racist enclave that won’t watch sports because there are black players. And just what are these issues that black players are supposed to be standing up for?

Just win baby …and that’s all Rush wants to do too.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Here is a scary (but probably acccurate) train of thought:


    1) The NFL claims Rush is a "racist".  (unsupportable of course)


    2) The NFL's football teams are predominantly made up of black players (at least by my estimation on the few times I have seen a game).


    3) The NFL is afraid that the "racist Rush" will own the team, and thus own the black players, which would make the NFL a figurative recreation of a plantation, and the players "slaves", albeit extremely well paid ones.


    Another pathetic fabrication of politically correct and grossly misinformed (dare I say ignorant) liberals.

  2. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    It comes as no suprise that the PC-minded liberals are making a big deal about Rush wanting to buy the Rams because if Rush buys at least 5% of the St.Louis Rams NFL pro football team and like George Steinbrener who bought the New York Yankees years before, Rush could help turn it into a world class team. Speaking about dividing the country, it is not the conservatives who are dividing this nation, it is the liberals, who with playing this sport called the "race card", are doing a fine job of dividing this nation very well. This conservative football watcher will simply be pushed away from watching the NFL and instead focus on watching college football, which includes listening/watching UConn football that played the sport the way it was played years ago, for the LOVE of the sport of football.

  3. donh
    donh says:

    Here is Chris Matthews yet again salivating in depravity. Unfortunately Jim you neglect to show the worst part of the clip where Chris openly dreams of seeing Rush murdered like Mr. Big in the Live and Let Die  Bond film.. .….I will say it again. Chris Matthews belongs in the same jail cell as Hal Turner. He is a provacateur of violance.   He has gone especially mad since the death of Ted Kennedy and is a menace to society.   

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