Battleground Poll: 90% concerned about federal government’s level of spending

The April 2010 version of the GWU Battleground Poll is out, and along with the question I normally check out (D3), new this time around I noticed question 33. Ninety percent describe themselves as concerned about federal government spending. Is the message getting out?

The question was not asked in the December poll, so I thought it would be a good idea to point it out.

Even if you take out the 18 percent that are only somewhat concerned, that puts three out of four likely voters very or extremely concerned about the growth and expansion of the federal government. This growth – defined by the incremental loss of liberty and property from the states and the people to the federal government – is really the disease, with back room deals and corruption at the federal level simply symptoms of the disease.

In December, we noted a four point change of those who consider themselves to be very or somewhat conservative. December showed that figure to be 63 percent, but previous Battleground results had that number between 57 and 59 percent. (Click to enlarge)

We were not sure what to make of the four point change in December, but the number is back down to what can only be considered a normal level – 59 percent. Still, the poll continues to show that six out of 10 likely voters consider themselves conservative.

You can read the full results from the April 2010 Battleground Poll here (PDF, 190KB). You can learn more about the current Battleground Poll by scrolling through this presentation (PDF, 175KB). The presentation does include some comparisons to previous poll questions so you can see historical trends. The related links below should direct you to my previous posts on this poll, or just click here.

I do like this poll since both Democrat and Republican polling staff work together to come up with the questions and the methodology. The Tarrance Group, and George Washington University should get more press concerning this effort. Here’s a description of the poll.

The George Washington University Battleground Poll is a collaborative bi-partisan survey produced by Republican strategist Ed Goeas of The Tarrance Group and Democrat Celinda Lake of Lake Research Partners. This national polling program is unique to the industry, in that it offers the distinct perspectives of two top pollsters from different sides of the aisle. Battleground Polls are conducted, not for the benefit of any paying client, but to give the public a look at Americans’ opinions and an inside peek at strategic recommendations for both political parties. Read more.

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