Shameful slobbering member of the media

Your funny for the week. It’s actually from Thursday’s CNN Situation Room, but timeless. Obama at the UN … almost as if he were President of the world.


I am sure this kind of media adoration will end at some point and we can get down to governing and watching the governors … but it sure shows little sign of stopping at CNN

CNN instructs America on “assault” rifles

… and once again gets it wrong. I am sometimes stunned at the media’s lack of knowledge of firearms, and the 2nd Amendment. My guess is the world in which they live this is perfectly acceptable but it not only shows their ignorance but prejudice as well.

Here’s Jack Cafferty on the Situation Room at 5 p.m. describing a weapon-carrying man at a rally in Arizona. I actually agree with Jack that bringing the weapon to a rally as a “statement” is a silly stupid idea. A weapon in public should only be carried in defense … not as a form of protest. It’s not a prop or a toy.

BUT, Jack doesn’t say this. It’s just … well … scary.

Some points to remember as you watch. An AR 15 is not, repeat, is not an automatic weapon. Automatic weapons are illegal and I believe the new AR 15’s cannot be converted into automatic weapons. You can’t squeeze off shots any faster than a Baretta 45 or a S&W MP 45 or a Glock or … well you name the handgun.

Edited to add (Steve): The National Firearms Act (NFA) from 1934 rules apply when it comes to automatic weapons. You can buy a fully automatic weapon if you fill out the right forms with the federal government, go through the background check and pay a $200 stamp tax on each weapon you want to buy. Surprised? Of course, there are no “new” select-fire weapons on the market and you can’t just go out and order one either, you’re restricted to pre-ban weapons and they are not cheap, and very regulated. I’ll try to post more about this subject in the future.

Secondly, distance is irrelevant. The man is carrying open in a crowd.

But CNN is playing to an audience that will believe this crap, unfortunately.


To Jack’s credit … he got corrected … and thus he corrected the errors at the end of the hour. How many saw it? Good question. More importantly, why would Jack shoot off his mouth without checking first?  Damage done … nothing to see here … move along.


It now appears the whole thing was a setup … Rick Sanchex yesterday interviewed the “reporter”, Earnest Hancock, who talked with the man carrying the AR 15. Sanchex of course, is aghast. While Hancock does not give and inch. The “good stuff” comes about 3 minutes in.


Update: This story is picking up steam this morning … and you gun owners are the target. This from the Washington Post. To the president’s credit, he says he defends their right. But the rest of the article is filled with hysteria … or is it? (emphasis mine)

Anti-gun campaigners disagreed with Gibbs’s comments, voicing fears that volatile debates over health-care reform are more likely to turn violent if gun control is not enforced.

“What Gibbs said is wrong,” said Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. “Individuals carrying loaded weapons at these events require constant attention from police and Secret Service officers. It’s crazy to bring a gun to these events. It endangers everybody.”

The past week has seen a spate of men carrying firearms while milling outside meetings Obama has held to defend his health-care reform effort. On Monday, a man with an AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle strapped to his shoulder was outside a veterans’ event in Phoenix. He was one of a dozen men who reportedly had guns outside the forum.

Phoenix police made no arrests, saying Arizona law allows weapons to be carried in the open.

I guess the implication here is that there should be a law. I think these folks are hurting 2nd Amendment advocates, but that’s just me. You make the call. Agree or disagree. Take the poll.

CNN/MSNBC take shots at Tea Parties, plus Pelosi and Begala

If you haven’t seen this you need to. I have documented as much as anyone the clear bias on the part of CNN … but as they sink in the ratings (CNN and MSNBC combined does not total the audience of Fox News) … their anger begins to show. From Hot Air. (Allah’s analysis is priceless) Read more

How Long Does Obama Have To Turn The Economy? Two Years!

Two years? Yup, two years. At least that’s what White House Advisor and part time CNN pundit tells Wolf Blitzer. He sounds kind of nervous to me, as in … this ain’t working as fast as we thought it might. Playing the American people for two years, even by the One, is a tall order.

The Launching point is a Washington Post Poll:

Two-thirds of Americans approve of the way Obama is handling the country’s top job, and six in 10 give him good marks on issue No. 1, the flagging economy. Those figures are little changed from last month. But he receives lower marks for dealing with the federal budget deficit after submitting a plan that would see continued huge deficits over the next decade. Fifty-two percent back Obama on his approach to the deficit, with the public split about evenly over whether belt-tightening or big increases in spending should be used to try to improve the economy.

None of this surprises me given the hope n change that came with President Hope n Change. And to be honest, I would be surprised if it were otherwise. But if things don’t improve or improve only modestly … will the American people give him even more than 6 months before they call it “The Obama Economy”? Oh yeah, says his White House/CNN media advisor, Paul Begala told Wolf tonight.


Sounds like he has a little hopenchange going for himself there. Why else would he play the “Bush” card. Not even the people polled blame “W” anymore.

… the public overwhelmingly blames the excesses of the financial industry, rather than the new president, for turmoil in the economy, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Sounds like Bush/Rush/Palin ain’t playing anymore. But that’s just me. So how long do you give the young President.

Honest Poll … how long do you actually think the American people will give Obama to turn the economy. And I do mean turn.

Geithner plan is a give away, moral hazard thrives!

Sal Khan of Khan Capital Management is pretty sharp, a frequent guest on CNN, and I think he is pretty spot on in describing the Geithner plan. Read more

CNN: Dodd recants … Admits he wrote loophole – Video – Update: “He Lied”

One day after saying he had no idea how the “Bonus Loophole” ended up in the Stimulus bill, CNN uncovers that in fact Chris Dodd’s staff wrote the loophole in an amendment to the Stimulus Bill that allowed the AIG bonuses to be paid. It’s more than just an embarrassing moment for Dodd, it’s another broadside to his re-election bid.

The interview which just aired was an embarrassment. Dodd was forced on live TV to backpedal on his previous comments that he had nothing to do with the bonus loophole. And in the process he fingers the Treasury department as the force behind the loophole. That’s Geithner and that’s Obama. Feigned outrage!


His reasons for making the changes, at the behest of Treasury, are certainly plausible. So why did he not say that yesterday, and why should we believe him until we hear from Treasury? And why does this not damage his credibility on everything? And if it is true, then Geithner and Obama both knew about these bonuses and now are just playing the populist part.

This whole thing stinks and it started with feigned outrage and a lie!

Update: The real outrage is spreading. Make sure you check out Ed Morrissey’s take at Hot Air and make sure you read comments from folks around the country.

In other words, Dodd lied. He spent a full day lying to the American people, and now he’s trying to shift blame to others. He and his pal Barney Frank want to publicly name the people who received the bonuses authorized by Congress and this administration in an attempt to deflect blame for their own actions.

If Dodd had a shred of honor, he’d resign. If he had a shred of honor, though, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Once again … it’s the lie that will cost the Senator more than his “Bonus Loophole”.

Food Fight

This took place on CNN last night and Nicolle Wallace could very well be my new hero (heroine?). She handles CNN’s White House plotter in chief Paul Begala with ease. Wolf never asks Begala if he indeed was behind the Limbaugh/Obama battle … but allows Begala to continue his screed “Rush is the leader of the Republicans”. But Nicolle, bless her heart, puts the brakes on that one and puts the Obama administration in its proper perspective.


Food fight indeed. Grow up children. Rome is burning.

Good for thee … but not for me

Just remember when you watch this … the political powers in Communist countries always told people what they could and could not do … and then reserved the very best for themselves. I’m not saying we’re headed in that direction, or that Congress reminds me of the Kremlin … I’m just saying that’s what the Commies did, that’s all. Two videos.

First … here’s what Congress told corporations what they could not do if they BORROWED government money.


Now here’s the blockbuster CNN report on how our Congresspeople, the very ones who are driving the country into bankruptcy, treat themselves.


I must admit it takes cashews to pull this off … but these are members of Congress … and it’s not your money anyway.

CNN: Pay no attention to the embargoed info on the screen.

Journalism is in a sorry state indeed. Embargoed means just that. You may not say what the President said until the embargo is lifted, in this case 6 p.m.

So follow the video her at precisely 5 p.m. And watch the screen. Kids on the chiron.


It’s just stupid. It’s embargoed Wolf … and I can’t say anything … so pay no attention to the screen below me that says the President admits he screwed up and loses sleep over the economy. This is what hapopens when you put kids in charge of the biz. Oh brother.

Carville upset Republicans get to criticize Obama on “our network”

This is a two part video. James Carville (now adviser to Obama and CNN) debates Bey Buchanan on the Porkapalooza Bill.

In part one Carville claims the Republicans are making a big mistake by listening to Rush Limbaugh by rejecting the bill, calls Gingry a “clown” for apologizing to Limbaugh … and then sits in stunned disbelief that CNN, “our network”, would air Republican complaints. And that’s just the first half. Part two is Bey handing it to Carville.


As one of our chat room buddies put it … whatever does Mary see in him?