Good for thee … but not for me

Just remember when you watch this … the political powers in Communist countries always told people what they could and could not do … and then reserved the very best for themselves. I’m not saying we’re headed in that direction, or that Congress reminds me of the Kremlin … I’m just saying that’s what the Commies did, that’s all. Two videos.

First … here’s what Congress told corporations what they could not do if they BORROWED government money.


Now here’s the blockbuster CNN report on how our Congresspeople, the very ones who are driving the country into bankruptcy, treat themselves.


I must admit it takes cashews to pull this off … but these are members of Congress … and it’s not your money anyway.

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  1. dszafran
    dszafran says:

    What is happening is disgusting.  I am so outraged about all the bailouts that I can not keep my mouth shut anymore.  I talk to anyone who will listen because I don't think  the general public is paying attention!!!!  People need to wake up from the euphoria of the election and realize what the Dumacrates in Washington are doing.   My family and I  live within our means.   We  are middleclass, work hard everyday, raising 3 children, live in a nice home.  WE ARE RESPONSIBLE WITH OUR MONEY!!!!!!!   I makes me want to vomit knowing that now I have to pay more than my share to help those that were irresponisble.  Thank you President Obama.  Lets punish the hard workers instead the irresponsible ones.  

    Mad as hell!  DSzafran


  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Dittos on that DSzafran!  It fries my butt that my daughter's future is being mortgaged at lousy rates by a bunch of pols with no economic background.  They are ignorant boobs, and they are digging a bigger and bigger hole for this economy every time they meet.

    Fools and their money are soon parted, but it really sucks when we let fools take our money.

  3. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    I hope the Pope reminded Pelosi that life begins at conception.  Respect for human life is ingraianed in Roman Catholics (R.C.)  by the 2nd grade.  For her to claim being R.C. and say anything else, which she did, proves how shallow her character is.  What are she and her snake oil salesmen up to?  Selling off newly acquired Gov't properties & businesses?  Seriously, any hints? 

  4. Lazybum
    Lazybum says:

    I am sure that Nancy and her posse had legitimate reasons to meet with the Italian heads of state in order to save the world. It is likely that the reasons are soooo complex we, the great unwashed, could not possibly comrehend it. So we should all stop the handwringing and get back to work, and send them more of thier money.

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