IRS managers and employees living large at government conferences

Public service once meant something quite a bit different than it does today. Sure, the benefits have been very good to great for government employees for decades, but the reports we hear from agencies like the GSA and IRS sound like parties from the Internet tech boom of the 1990s.

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CNN fact checks Obama Ad that claims Romney responsible for death of steel worker’s wife/ yeah, not so much

I thought we pretty much disassembled this ad yesterday with the Kimberly Strassel article over at the Wall Street Journal which you can find here. But last night on CNN’s The Situation Room, their staff went a step further, making this the most despicable ad so far in this campaign. But wait my little mobsters, there is so much more time for the Obama campaign to stoop even lower. Read more

CNN asks Republican candidates “Boxers or briefs?”

OK, that question never got asked but “Coke or Peps”i did. So did “Blackberry or iPhone” and “spicy or mild” and … honestly, why do networks do this?

CNN’s John King decided (or his boss did) to try inject an ice breaker into the debate. The only problem there was no ice to break. The Republicans in this debate were focused on one thing and one thing only, Beating Barack Obama. The most part they obeyed Reagan’s first commandment, or is it the 11th commandment? They did not go after each other. Read more

Zuckerberg goes hunting … CNN calls it a “strange journey”

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has taken on an unusual quest and a “new personal challenge” as he experiments with a diet where he only eats meat from animals he has personally killed. Although I don’t even know why this is news, CNN writer Patricia Sellers suggests this is some sort of “strange journey.”

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Bin Laden Killed: CNN and Democrats go political

A magnificent mission of the four-door Navy SEALs, and it took plenty of guts on the part of this president to pull the trigger on this one. But it certainly didn’t take long for the left stream media to take a shot at President Bush. Make no mistake this is a great accomplishment for the young president. But let’s not forget the groundwork and intelligence was laid by the Bush administration. Still, CNN and Democratic Congressman Gary Ackerman couldn’t resist the moment. Video below the fold. Read more

CNN’s O’Brien – Orphans not a priority

This little clip is heartbreaking. Now, this is beginning to shape up as a catastrophe on top of a catastrophe. CNN’s Soledad O’Brien pointing out today that the relief workers are unable to get aid to orphanages either because they have pushed it down the priority hole or they are simply overwhelmed. My guess is its a combination of both but wouldn’t you think in a failed state where orphanages are a staple of the society someone would put children first.


Add to this the post from last night on Belgian medical workers evacuating and leaving the sick to suffer, it’s become an embarrassment.

Leaving the sick to suffer

CNN is reporting that Medical staff were withdrawn from a temporary hospital for safety concerns, leaving the sick to suffer … alone. Read more

Obama’s approval numbers drop 7 points in 30 days

I’m not one to point out polls on a regular basis, primarily because the results can be so different depending on the questions asked and the way the questions are asked. But anyway … A CNN poll has President Obama’s approval at 48 percent, 7 points less than it was just one month ago.

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Balloon Boy: Setup or just confused? Update: Family video interview added – hoax?

Ok … you can read the earlier play by play here … but late yesterday evening Wolf, bless his heart, asked little Falcon the wrong question. Or was it the right question? Asked why he didn’t come out of hiding … the little boy said because … “You guys said … we did this for the show.” Read more