CNN: Dodd recants … Admits he wrote loophole – Video – Update: “He Lied”

One day after saying he had no idea how the “Bonus Loophole” ended up in the Stimulus bill, CNN uncovers that in fact Chris Dodd’s staff wrote the loophole in an amendment to the Stimulus Bill that allowed the AIG bonuses to be paid. It’s more than just an embarrassing moment for Dodd, it’s another broadside to his re-election bid.

The interview which just aired was an embarrassment. Dodd was forced on live TV to backpedal on his previous comments that he had nothing to do with the bonus loophole. And in the process he fingers the Treasury department as the force behind the loophole. That’s Geithner and that’s Obama. Feigned outrage!


His reasons for making the changes, at the behest of Treasury, are certainly plausible. So why did he not say that yesterday, and why should we believe him until we hear from Treasury? And why does this not damage his credibility on everything? And if it is true, then Geithner and Obama both knew about these bonuses and now are just playing the populist part.

This whole thing stinks and it started with feigned outrage and a lie!

Update: The real outrage is spreading. Make sure you check out Ed Morrissey’s take at Hot Air and make sure you read comments from folks around the country.

In other words, Dodd lied. He spent a full day lying to the American people, and now he’s trying to shift blame to others. He and his pal Barney Frank want to publicly name the people who received the bonuses authorized by Congress and this administration in an attempt to deflect blame for their own actions.

If Dodd had a shred of honor, he’d resign. If he had a shred of honor, though, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Once again … it’s the lie that will cost the Senator more than his “Bonus Loophole”.

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  1. Lazybum
    Lazybum says:

    Dodd lied?! Betrayed us?!?!

    I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED I say! What next, will he tell us that his housing purchases were questionable. My goodness, who would have believed it…

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I guess he had no way out, nobody to blame.  But it seemed like such a good idea at the time, LOL!  Now he can explain why he, as chairmen of the Senate Banking committee, is taking money from AIG, and Countrywide etc., etc.

    A U-turn like that should have given him whiplash, at minimum….

  3. Steve McGough
    Steve McGough says:

    So, Democrats like Dodd, Reid, and Pelosi have been lying to registered voters for a long time. Will it make a difference? Will we see a conservative revolution in Congress like we saw in 1996? Will Dodd run again or move to a position with a lobbyist?

  4. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    The Floater just pulled a Kerry.  It's  a simple  campaign talking point.

    He merely said that he did not put in the AIG bonus clause after he first said that he didn't.

    Lighten up folks, he was  a victim here.   This is a career resume enhancer.

  5. emgee
    emgee says:

    Surely, our founding fathers (State and/or Federal) provided a mechanism for the citizens to remove a scoundrel from office.  Well folks, we have a genuine scoundrel in Senator Dodd.  How do we, the citizens of the state of Connecticut, remove him from office?  Where do we start?  I'm not willing to endure another two years of "damage" awaiting the 2010 election cycle.  Let's move to rid ourselves of him, and his ilk, now!

  6. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    I'm positive this is all related to money.  Dodd was getting financial contributions from AIG during 2008, according to ABC news :

    "Here's the list of top AIG recipients for the 2008 campaign:

    1. Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., $103,100

    2. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., $101,332 "

    Dodd was probably hedging his bets on whether or not this would come out, hoping for future support.  Were he and Obams "shocked" to receive such contributions, and will they return them?  See next week's episode of "How to Scam and Weasle," brought to you by both houses of Congress and with special guest appearances from the White House.

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