Cafferty Criticizes Obama and Limbaugh, Blitzer Scolds Cafferty

Oh yeah really … Cafferty does a piece you and I would say was mildly critical of Obama complete with a cheap shot at Rush Limbaugh calling him a “corpulent Oxycontin aficionado of right-wing talk radio” … watch it all … then watch Wolf at the end spank Cafferty for the cheap shot.

No, not for the cheap shot at Rush … for criticizing the Messiah of course.Wolf is just adorable. Hat tip to Hot Air “We pick You Click”.


How dare you Jack … didn’t you get the CNN memo.

And here’s some bonus video. The only really critical letter from a viewer. The best part comes at the end.


Obama makes even white people dance

Umm … well … he said it. What can I say. The round table conversation on CNN centered on how happy people are that Obama is President. CNN reporter Don Lemon was sent to Ben’s Chili Bowl, a DC joint made famous by the Messiah himself. There Lemon found a white man dancing … yes … a white man. So much for post racial.


Mr Lemon has a history of not being so Obama post racial. Here at Hot Air