The Supreme Court and climate change

On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case of American Electric Power v. Connecticut. It is too bad that the Court’s proceedings aren’t televised as the debate here should be lively. First, you need to know the background. Read more

More creative advertising from the global warming crowd

You’re not going to see this in the main stream press, and you probably won’t even see it in any magazine you pick up. Rather, this seems to be from a 2009 exhibition where a bunch of advertising and “creative” types get together to honor themselves for producing great social and environmental ads.

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Obligatory video: Reducing your carbon emissions? No pressure…

Totally stupid, but it will certainly get plenty of Web traffic this weekend. What’s the real message this year if you don’t join the “crowd” and cut your emissions by 10 percent in 2010?

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Green energy: Make it so

Speaking of “global warming”, an  interesting article caught my eye recently.

It seems that Arizona has mandated that 15% of it’s electricity must come from green energy by 2025.  Given that Arizona is mostly a desert with lots of sun, you would think that this would be an ideal spot for vast solar energy farms.  Well, not exactly.

Utility-scale solar power works by generating steam that spins turbines.  Cooling the system at the end of the process consumes almost twice as much water per megawatt hour as coal-fired power plants that use the same cooling technology…

Thus, there is a small problem.  Deserts are notorious for their lack of water.  A 2009 study by the Congressional Research Service found that,

…a solar expansion in the southwest…could consume as much as 1% of the state’s finite water resources within a few years.


John Jarvis, now Mr. Obama’s National Park Service director, warned in a memo last year that a green boom in the southwest could “strain limited water resources already under pressure from urbanization, irrigation expansion, commercial interests and mining.”

Eventually, technology will allow us to become less dependent on “foreign oil”, but, trying to jam green energy down our throats before then is nothing short of stupid.  Particularly when no one seems to be even remotely interested in the consequences.

Man made climate change spurs volcanic eruptions

It had to be said by someone, at some point. A volcanologist – no, not from Vulcan – and a geophysicist are blaming Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull eruption on man made climate change.

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Weather is not climate change

I lifted the title of this post directly from Roger Pielke Jr.s blog. I thought it was a good statement and his short post is even better. The sub-title … Correlation should make you curious not convinced. Again, lifted from a comment at his post.

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It’s just a frozen wasteland – video

Our current featured video. Global warming, climate change, blizzards … it’s a frozen wasteland!

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UN climate boss suggests “deniers” rub their faces in asbestos

Is the U.N.’s International Panel on Climate Change able to discuss climate change facts, or are they so invested in global warming hysteria they must wish pain, suffering and ultimate death on scientists, media-types and others who refuse to tow the line?

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