It’s just a frozen wasteland – video

Our current featured video. Global warming, climate change, blizzards … it’s a frozen wasteland!

Is this what Ed Morrissey and the nuts up in Minnesota do in their free time? Head over to Minnesotans for Global Warming to download the MP3.

Oh yeah, and while you’re here, check out this post … Weather is not climate change. Morrissey at Hot Air and a few other blogs have picked up the video.



Up here on the farm
We chop wood
To stay Warm.
We all could use some
Glo-bal Warm-ing!

We all need to fight
To preserve our rights.
I don’t want to be taxed
Just for breathing.

Open your eyes.
Don’t believe their lies.
It’s just a
Fro-zen Wasteland!

Al Gore is a liar.
His pants are on fire.
Plus he’s getting rich
From carbon offsets.

He’s loose with the facts.
All he wants is a tax.
Let’s get together
Before it gets much colder.

Frozen Wasteland.
Its just a Frozen Wasteland.
Frozen Wasteland.
Frozen Wasteland.


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  1. cherwin
    cherwin says:

    Well that video made my day! I had a good laugh.

    After reading Meghan McCains nonsense on the Daily Beast, I needed a good laugh. She is such an airhead. And who said she knows anthing about anything?  Sheltered little rich girl with her daddys last name and big boobs that she likes to show of.

    What a dumb ass~!

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