Obligatory video: Reducing your carbon emissions? No pressure…

Totally stupid, but it will certainly get plenty of Web traffic this weekend. What’s the real message this year if you don’t join the “crowd” and cut your emissions by 10 percent in 2010?

I think it’s been floating around since early this morning or yesterday, since I know I saw a screen shot of it somewhere. When I saw the screen shot, I thought it was something like the planet heated up so much there were “danger” spots that resulted in immediate combustion when you stepped into it. Then again, maybe that was the death ray by the pool at the new hotel in Las Vegas.

Hot Air has commentary, Gateway Pundit making note.

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  1. VictimsRevenge
    VictimsRevenge says:

    I would think since nobody has a job or money for gas that should be enough right there to cut carbon emissions by more than ten percent.

  2. concernedat18
    concernedat18 says:

    Reminds me of several things.  First, reminds me of how cas sunstein want to "nudge" people into doing things.

    Second, reminds me of an event called the Holodomor.  The Ukrainians needed approximately 1 million tons of grain to feed their people in 1932, annually they were producing approximately 1.4 million.  Problem is they were beginning to think independently, and Stalin did not appreciate this.  So he confiscated their food.  In the course of 1 year 7-10 million Ukrainians starved to death.  Cannibalism happened during that time.   Troops went around collecting the bodies, and even collected those who were dying and not yet dead.  Of the mass graves, witnesses rember the earth moving, because not all that were burried were yet dead.

    Think this is an overeaction? Look up John Holdren, science czar.  look up what the famous abortion bill Obama voted against would have done.  And people wonder about the hitler comparisons

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Yeah, this will be good for children: if you don't fall for the climategate scam, your teacher will blow you up.  Very "subtle".  No nightmares here!


    No wonder they pulled it after numerous complaints.

  4. Fish
    Fish says:

    Steve, you may want to put a warning about the graphic content in this video. It was a little much to see first thing this morning while eating my oatmeal. Just a suggestion( NO PRESSURE)

  5. GdavidH
    GdavidH says:

    Khmer Rouge re-education camps and Pol Pot come to mind.

    Gotta love the communist way of "Git 'er done".

  6. Odonna
    Odonna says:

    Very disturbing.  I kept expecting it to be some of that British dry humor irony and actually be against this kind of nonsense.  They must not understand human nature, if they think this will get people to want to join them… except for the few fascist-minded among us, I suppose.

  7. socialenemy
    socialenemy says:

    You have got to be kidding me??? So their idea of getting people to cut their carbon emissions is telling them theres no pressure then blowing them up??? WTF??? Wow, thats all I can say about that. Who in their right mind thought that add was a good idea? These people, these left wing nut jobs who are now threatening our very safety quite literally through this add need to be stopped, removed from their position of power and then ridiculed for being so ignorantly foolish of how wrong they are. Absurd, thats all I have left to add, absurd.

  8. Tim-in-Alabama
    Tim-in-Alabama says:

    If we blow up greenie weenies, we can save quite a bit of energy, but if they'd just shut up, we can reduce carbon emissions without murdering anyone.

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