Some images from yesterday’s rally

Just thought I would pass along a couple images that left a lasting impression. The first is actually from a video which I have included. Porta potties.

Dump Dodd


The second is just an image of one of the signs. I like it. But then, you didn’t expect the MSM to detail the bills did you?

Thank You Talk Radio

Still no word on an exact attendance that I have seen. The Media is going with “Tens of thousands”.

Dodd spokesman calls Tea Party Patriots “Tea-baggers”

Extreme, fringe, and tea-baggers … this is what your Senator thinks of all of you. And the very fact that he has had to resort to using fowl sexual language to describe his constituents gives you a good indication of the state of his campaign.

Chris Dodd won’t improve his chances of re-election with talk like this. In one easy to read statement, Dodd’s campaign manager called hard working constituents Extreme, fringe, and tea-baggers. High School!

Dodd’s campaign manager, Jay Howser, said that the tea-baggers have nothing to offer.

“The great thing about the far right wing, extreme group of tea-baggers who have entertained us throughout the summer is that their idea of free speech is akin to shouting down opposition, drowning out debate, and in Connecticut, encouraging Sen. Dodd to commit suicide with painkillers and alcohol,” Howser said. “No responsible American, regardless of their political beliefs, thinks that this fringe element has anything valuable to offer to our country’s discourse or debate.”

This is what Chris Dodd thinks of you. Chris Dodd who did not know what VIP meant, did not know that the stimulus contained an exception for AIG bonuses (even though he put it in the bill), did not know the value of his Irish cottage and clearly did not know as chairman of the banking committee that the banking system was collapsing,

Dodd man walking indeed (Picture from Instapundit).


It’s on thing when Media people get their jollies using now well known sexual slang to describe suburban housewives, grandmothers and other hard working New Englanders protesting an out of control, big spending, overbearing government, not to mention a Senator who seems to have some serious and regular lapses of judgement. But when a representative of the senior Senator from Connecticut uses this kind of language … it smacks of desperation.

Connecticut voters to Dodd: No we still don’t like you

The H/T goes to Sound off Connecticut regular Jim Geraghty over at National Review, but the credit all goes to the Senior Senator.

Rasmassusen reports he still trails Rob Simmons badly. Heck, he trails everyone badly. Quote of the day.

Typically, when an incumbent polls below 50%, they are considered potentially vulnerable. Dodd certainly falls into that category.

Ya think?

Obamacare: the stealth provisions

What is wrong with the following sentence?  Congress wrote the Kennedy-Dodd health care bill while meeting in Washington on the backs of envelopes.  Hint: there are at least two correct answers.

I have written many posts about the Kennedy-Dodd health care bill.  There is only one problem.  I learned Saturday, courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, that what we all thought was the Kennedy-Dodd bill, isn’t the Kennedy-Dodd bill.  It seems that after the bill was released to the public in June, on July 15, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, under the “leadership” of Sen. Dodd (D. Ct.), passed an amended Kennedy-Dodd bill.  It includes nearly 200 amendments to the original bill.

Want to know what is in the amended bill?

Well, so do Republicans.  They wrote to Dodd, over three weeks ago,

to reiterate our request for a full copy of the bill as amended…

So far, Dodd has refused their request, as well as a similar request from The Wall Street Journal.

Consequently, no one but Sen. Dodd knows what is in the final bill passed by that committee…not Republicans, not the press, and, more importantly, not the public.  In spite of that vacuum, I am confident if we don’t like what Sen. Dodd condescended to release to the public, we really won’t like what the good Senator has kept secret.

But, here’s the “best” part of the amendment proceedings.  During what we can only assume must have been a fairly chaotic process, Sen. Mikulski (D. Md.) declared,

Giving me language on little pieces of paper on which I’m going to commit the sacred fortunes and honor of the United States for decades, this is not the way to go. We can’t do this on the backs of envelopes.

A similar charade has also played out in the House.  According to Rep. Brown-Waite (R.Fl.) there are numerous passed amendments to the Waxman bill which also haven’t been made available to the public, or, for that matter, to Congresswoman Brown-Waite.  I wonder why Rep. Murphy (D.Ct.) didn’t reveal that when he was interviewed by Jim on WTIC this past Tuesday.

The most “open, honest, ethical government”, according to Speaker of the House Pelosi, and a “new age of transparency”, according to President Obama…you decide.

Dodd cleared … then spanked

Well come on. Did you really think his Democrat buddies would let him down … I do love the admonishment. Hey, when they told you that you were a VIP … you should have known. Indeed.

The committee told both men that while they may not have violated Senate rules, the simple fact that they were in something called a VIP program “should have … raised red flags for you.” They should have “inquired very specifically” about how they got into the program and what it meant, the panel found.

In a statement released Friday, Dodd said he was “pleased and gratified” the complaint against him had been dismissed, and that the investigation proved the allegations against him “are and have always been false.”

No … the committee didn’t say they believed you … they just said you didn’t break Senate rules … The post goes on to link to this from CREW (emphasis mine):

CREW executive director Melanie Sloan stated, “As is its practice, the Senate Ethics Committee has cleared the senators of any wrongdoing despite the fact that the senators participated in a program the committee found ‘offered quicker, more efficient loan processing and some discounts.’” Sloan continued, “Apparently, clearing the senators was insufficient penance for the committee for having the audacity to investigate in the first place. Like a battered woman who explains she brought the beating on herself, the committee faulted itself for failing to ‘provide more guidance to the Senate community about issues surrounding mortgage negotiations.’


Democrats Protect Dodd, Conrad and The Fat Cats of Countrywide

Hot Air points to this video from the CBS evening news last Friday, that shows how wide spread the Countrywide VIP loan program for Congressional leaders. Dodd and Conrad are still the marquis names … but there are more. Read more

Connecticut to Dodd …. we don’t hate you, we just won’t vote for you

The latest Quinnipiac Poll numbers came out today and they show Dodd falling farther behind Rob Simmons in a head to head match up …. but … his negatives aren’t as negative.

Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd trails former U.S. Rep. Rob Simmons, a likely Republican challenger 48 – 39 percent in the 2010 Senate race, but he is inching up in his job approval to a negative 42 – 52 percent approval rating, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

How to explain the discrepancy? Just read a little further into the poll and we find …

Looking at Dodd’s characteristics, Connecticut voters say:

  • 55 – 35 percent that he is not honest and trustworthy;
  • 62 – 32 percent that he has strong leadership qualities;
  • 49 – 45 percent that he does not share their views on issues important to them.

Imagine that. Connecticut voters don’t think Dodd is honest. What would give them that idea? This? Or maybe this?


Quinipiac offers this analysis:

“Sen. Dodd’s numbers among Democrats are back to where they used to be with over 70 percent of Democrats approving of his job performance and backing his reelection bid. Perhaps Dodd’s visibility in helping with President Barack Obama’s agenda has brought some wavering Democrats home. But he still is struggling with Independents, who will be harder to win back than his own partisans.”

I am also petty sure the job approval number is soft. Once Connecticut voters catch on to the fact that it’s his health care plan, not Obama’s, that will limit their choice, lead to rationing and cost them more in the long run … I guess those numbers could very well turn back down.  But then … this is a blue state.

The $5 million per second health care “debate”

When the Senate Health Committee on Wednesday passed its version of Obamacare, the President, with Sen. Dodd (D. Ct.) standing at his side, applauded the committee’s effort.  Our President explained that the committee had “engaged” in 50 hours of debate before passing the bill.  All in attendance at this press conference were beaming with joy, and, of course, applauding.

This “photo op” reminded me of the folks who stand on the dais at the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange every day.  Even when the market is down over 400 points, when the closing bell sounds, they all smile broadly, and, of course, applaud.

Looking beyond the smiles and clapping hands, I decided to do some math.  Fifty hours of debate equates to 180,000 seconds of debate.  As the cost of Obamacare is pegged at $1 trillion dollars (actually, it’s far more, but, as they say, at that point, whose counting), that means the Senate committee spent $5 million for every second of debate.

Realizing how redicuously insignifant the 50 hour debate was using the “dollars spent per second” standard, I decided I should use another approach to explain the “smiles and applauding” of the photo op.

Rounding it off, the health care proposal is 1000 pages long.  A fifty hour “debate” means that Sen. Dodd’s committee  actually spent about 3 minutes per page in the “debate”.  Personally, I doubt that a page could be both read and comprehended in 3 minutes, much less debated.  So, that standard, too, doesn’t make much sense, and certainly doesn’t explain the smiles and applause.

I suspect we all agree that our health care system, though the best in the world, needs changes.  But, this proposal takes all of the good things in the system and, throws them out with the bad.  Why the rush?

President Obama aspires to be remembered in history as someone who has changed the course of this country…much like Lincoln.  But, Mr. President, I can assure you that should your health care as now proposed become law, within 5 years of its implementation, you will become the most reviled president in our history.  Your sleight of hand, in demanding immediate passage of this bill before Americans understood what it meant, will be remembered, even by those who supported you.

Mr. President, step back, take your time, and do it right…then, you will then be remembered as you would like to be remembered.

Will Congress take the health care pledge?

We already know from President Obama’s recent infomercial on health care that he wouldn’t dare subject himself or his family to the government health care “option” he is pushing.  But, what about Congress?

All versions of the health care legislation currently floating around Capitol Hill specifically exempt members of Congress from any requirement to participate.  Any sane person (looking at solely at those facts), should wonder why.  After all, we are told that the government option will provide health care as good, or better than what the President and Congress currently receive.

So, Sen. Tom Coburn (R. Ok.) proposed an amendment to the bill in the Senate Finance Committee that would require all members of Congress to participate in the government option.  The amendment passed, but don’t celebrate yet.  All Democrats, except three, voted against the amendment.  (I’ll explain at least 2 of those 3 in a moment.)  But first, let’s look at some of the Democrats who “wouldn’t be caught dead” in the government plan.

… Sherrod Brown and Sheldon Whitehouse won’t themselves join a plan that “will offer benefits that are as good as those available through private insurance plans — or better,” as the Ohio and Rhode Island liberals put it in a recent op-ed. And even a self-described socialist like Vermont’s Bernie Sanders, who supports a government-only system, wouldn’t sign himself up.

Something seems wrong here.  Senators Brown and Whitehouse write an op-ed piece they hope all Americans will read, extolling the virtues of a government health plan, but they refuse to be forced into joining it?  And, Sen. Sanders who wants only a government system, refuses to participate in that system?  Gee, why would that be?

Well, lets look at the Democrats who voted to join the government plan.  Two of the three Democrats who voted to subject themselves to it were Sen. Dodd (D. Ct.), and Sen. Kennedy (D. Ma.).  Senator Dodd is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee where the amendment was introduced.  Call me cynical, but, I strongly suspect that the requirement that Congress participate in the plan will “magically” disappear in the final bill, much like, under Sen. Dodd’s leadership, the AIG bonuses “magically” appeared in the Stimulus Bill.  When questioned about the disappearance, Sen. Dodd will look as shocked and amazed, as he did when questioned about the appearance of AIG bonuses. But, for the moment, I suspect, in the Senator’s mind, it is a great public relations move.

One Republican  refused to be compelled to join the government health care plan, Sen. Gregg (R. N.H.).  When asked why, he said the public option,

will be so bad that I don’t think anyone should be forced to join.

If Obamacare passes, what is now labeled the “public option” will, within ten years, become the “public mandate“.  It will be bad health care, but, unlike Congress, you will have no “option”.  You will be forced to join.

$hady Land of Dodd

With the exception of one or two articles, and two columnists who know the true meaning of journalism … Dodd has been pretty much flying under the public media radar … until today?

The New York Post has begun to dig and that can’t help the Senior Senator … and what they find is Dodd is still having trouble discerning the truth.

US Sen. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut may have lowballed the value of a vacation property he acquired in a sweetheart deal in Ireland.

According to the Democrat’s latest financial disclosures, obtained by The Post, Dodd claims his three-bedroom cottage on 10 acres with breathtaking views of the Atlantic is worth $638,000.

This figure falls far short of property values on Inishnee Island, where The Post discovered Dodd’s next-door neighbor was selling a much smaller property for $1.2 million.

Ok … let’s see. The cottage was worth just $200,0o0 for 5 years according to Senate financial disclosure papers. Then the value of the ranchero in Ireland suddenly jumped to $638,ooo. And now the NY Post reports the house next door is selling for $1.2 million? Oh brother … and we are supposed to trust him on the true cost of his health care bill.

Just add it to a long list of “oops, did I say that?” moments. Like, “I didn’t know VIP meant I got special priveledges.”, and, “I had nothing to do with the AIG clause ending up in the stimulus bill.” and “no, its not a public speaking event with the on-line pay day lenders … its a fund raiser.”.

But the shadiness is probably to be expected … as Day columnist Dick Ahles writes today:

Dodd is part of a culture in the Congress that sees nothing wrong with taking money from institutions they’re supposed to oversee, in his case, firms like Citigroup, Bank of America, AIG, the late Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers and many others. That may still work if you’re watching over the Rules, Small Business or the District of Columbia committees, but the financial institutions Dodd’s banking committee supposedly regulates have caused the collapse of the economy and no one has taken more money from them than the senior senator from Connecticut.

Read the whole column. It’s what journalism used to be like …