$hady Land of Dodd

With the exception of one or two articles, and two columnists who know the true meaning of journalism … Dodd has been pretty much flying under the public media radar … until today?

The New York Post has begun to dig and that can’t help the Senior Senator … and what they find is Dodd is still having trouble discerning the truth.

US Sen. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut may have lowballed the value of a vacation property he acquired in a sweetheart deal in Ireland.

According to the Democrat’s latest financial disclosures, obtained by The Post, Dodd claims his three-bedroom cottage on 10 acres with breathtaking views of the Atlantic is worth $638,000.

This figure falls far short of property values on Inishnee Island, where The Post discovered Dodd’s next-door neighbor was selling a much smaller property for $1.2 million.

Ok … let’s see. The cottage was worth just $200,0o0 for 5 years according to Senate financial disclosure papers. Then the value of the ranchero in Ireland suddenly jumped to $638,ooo. And now the NY Post reports the house next door is selling for $1.2 million? Oh brother … and we are supposed to trust him on the true cost of his health care bill.

Just add it to a long list of “oops, did I say that?” moments. Like, “I didn’t know VIP meant I got special priveledges.”, and, “I had nothing to do with the AIG clause ending up in the stimulus bill.” and “no, its not a public speaking event with the on-line pay day lenders … its a fund raiser.”.

But the shadiness is probably to be expected … as Day columnist Dick Ahles writes today:

Dodd is part of a culture in the Congress that sees nothing wrong with taking money from institutions they’re supposed to oversee, in his case, firms like Citigroup, Bank of America, AIG, the late Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers and many others. That may still work if you’re watching over the Rules, Small Business or the District of Columbia committees, but the financial institutions Dodd’s banking committee supposedly regulates have caused the collapse of the economy and no one has taken more money from them than the senior senator from Connecticut.

Read the whole column. It’s what journalism used to be like …

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Jim Vicevich

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  1. Dimsdale on July 6, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    Shady? Where Dodd the Fraud resides, I would dare say the "sun don't shine."

    But poor little "irrelevant" Sarah Palin and death of Michael Jackson fill the news. (Dare I make a Generalissimo Francisco Franco joke here, a la SNL?)

  2. Linda Mae on July 6, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    With all of the attention being paid about Palin's ethic violation challenges, I now wonder why NO ONE ever hit Dodd up with an ethics violation when he moved himself and his family to Iowa during the campaigning? Certainly, he was cheating those in CT who had elected him our Senator. If I were running against Dodd, this would be my first ad. My second would be one of the many shots of his telling us the economy was sound – coupled with the amount of money he had been getting from Fannie / Freddie. Then, the 3rd would be his change of mind about the CEO's salary caps. 4th. His sweetheart deal. 5th his lovely home in Ireland. Of course we cannot forget his attending the $30,000 per plate dinner in CA. Who paid for that trip? I know, I know – we did. I hope we had a good time.

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