Dodd spokesman calls Tea Party Patriots “Tea-baggers”

Extreme, fringe, and tea-baggers … this is what your Senator thinks of all of you. And the very fact that he has had to resort to using fowl sexual language to describe his constituents gives you a good indication of the state of his campaign.

Chris Dodd won’t improve his chances of re-election with talk like this. In one easy to read statement, Dodd’s campaign manager called hard working constituents Extreme, fringe, and tea-baggers. High School!

Dodd’s campaign manager, Jay Howser, said that the tea-baggers have nothing to offer.

“The great thing about the far right wing, extreme group of tea-baggers who have entertained us throughout the summer is that their idea of free speech is akin to shouting down opposition, drowning out debate, and in Connecticut, encouraging Sen. Dodd to commit suicide with painkillers and alcohol,” Howser said. “No responsible American, regardless of their political beliefs, thinks that this fringe element has anything valuable to offer to our country’s discourse or debate.”

This is what Chris Dodd thinks of you. Chris Dodd who did not know what VIP meant, did not know that the stimulus contained an exception for AIG bonuses (even though he put it in the bill), did not know the value of his Irish cottage and clearly did not know as chairman of the banking committee that the banking system was collapsing,

Dodd man walking indeed (Picture from Instapundit).


It’s on thing when Media people get their jollies using now well known sexual slang to describe suburban housewives, grandmothers and other hard working New Englanders protesting an out of control, big spending, overbearing government, not to mention a Senator who seems to have some serious and regular lapses of judgement. But when a representative of the senior Senator from Connecticut uses this kind of language … it smacks of desperation.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    Life , Liberty , and Freedom are nothing to offer? Perhaps thoughts of suicide are on the mind of Dodd because Chris Dodd is GUILTY. Cutting healthcare to the old to pay for Wall Street bonuses, guarantee union jobs, and buy car companies has a way of breeding guilt in the mind of even the most hardened fascist. People have had enough of this evil march towards national suicide, and we are not going to take it anymore. Chris Dodd can go hang himself like a tea bag if he wants to, but leave me and my family out of his death plan.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    "Dodd’s campaign manager, Jay Howser, said that the tea-baggers have nothing to offer."


    Apparently, Howser thinks that the death of the other half of the Dodd-Kennedy waitress sandwich, prostate cancer and a Democrat controlled Congress is enough to insulate Dodd from the voters and his multitude of "appearances" of impropriety.


    He wishes.

  3. pjdroney
    pjdroney says:

    This just shows how out of touch Dodd and his campaign are. If Dodd had any sense of decency he would fire this clown. I won't hold my breath.

  4. MarkMiddletown
    MarkMiddletown says:

         I was in DC Saturday. I am a newly retired Middle School Teacher (clearly a troublemaking demographic).  Today, I called Senator Dodd's Campaign  Office.  The official clarification  is that I am not a teabagger (sexual) connotation, but a teabagger (lunatic fringe group) connotation.  I feel better now.  See you in November 2010 Senator. I will be a fellow retiree.

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