Some images from yesterday’s rally

Just thought I would pass along a couple images that left a lasting impression. The first is actually from a video which I have included. Porta potties.

Dump Dodd


The second is just an image of one of the signs. I like it. But then, you didn’t expect the MSM to detail the bills did you?

Thank You Talk Radio

Still no word on an exact attendance that I have seen. The Media is going with “Tens of thousands”.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    Deborah Jones spoke at Hartford and she was my favorite speaker. We also had a Joe Wilson moment at Hartford. Don't leave out this CNN clip. The reporters have a smirk on their faces like they are getting just what they want in the way of footage to portray us as a RUDE angry mob, but they made a big mistake in running this. YouTube hits number over 300,000 in under a day. The Sopranos theme song I have asked people to watch simultaneously to the CNN cut has been up 2 years and has 400,000 hits… .

  2. donh
    donh says:

    Here is the Sopranos link.. .…Let it run 25 second before starting the CNN clip, and the slide show graphics will match up. Soprano character will be pointing finger same time as Joe Wilson. Tony's mouth will open when you year YOU LIE from the crowd. Look for details. A grim reaper can be seen in the crowd back at lower left. Dodd's Mussolini face is on a poster with pinochio nose.

  3. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Jim, the pictures and videos speak LOUDER then any words about the growing anger and frustration this country is going through. The one picture I like the best is the porta potties showing the words of "Chris Dodd" and "Dump Dodd" because it reflects very much that very deep anger and frustration. Also posted this blog artcle. Here is the Free Republic article:
    Thank-you Jim for your support from this patriot. :)=^..^=

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