Canadian government may totally scrap long-gun registry program

During the summer of 2010, 72 percent of Canadian residents felt the long-gun registry registry was no help in reducing or solving crime. Even though there is disagreement between law enforcement concerning its value, Canada will most likely scrap the registry and destroy all records collected pertaining to non-restricted firearms.

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Canada tires of American indecision

As you probably heard, last Thursday the State Department put the Keystone Pipeline on hold again.  This time the excuse was to study rerouting a portion of the pipeline that was planned to run through the Sand Hills of Nebraska.  It is anyone’s guess what State will be studying however. Read more

Debt, deficit…what would Canada do?

While this country is involved in discussions (held mostly in secret) concerning our ever increasing debt, and ever increasing spending, perhaps we should look to what the liberals in Canada did.  Yes, you read that correctly, the liberals. Read more

The unknown oil “moratorium”

Gasoline prices are now approaching $4 per gallon, and, in some states they already exceed that amount.  We know about the drilling moratorium that still seems to be in place in the Gulf of Mexico, in spite of the fact that it is almost one year after the Deep Water Horizon oil spill.  We know that Federal Judge Feldman told the federal government to start issuing permits for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, but, the Obama administration is still “working” on the issue. Read more

Canada’s health care system going broke

Remember when the folks in Washington jammed Obamacare down our throats? Remember, they pointed to Canada’s single payer system as an example of what our health care system should be?  It now seems, surprise, surprise that all is not going so well for Canada. Read more

Oh Canada! Coulter Speech Cancelled


  • lefties
  • liberals
  • socialists
  • spoiled college children
  • all of the above

forced the University of Ottawa to cancel her scheduled speech there tonight. The lefties apparently scared the living bejesus out of , not Coulter, University officials who feared violence.

Right-wing antagonist Ann Coulter cancelled a University of Ottawa address last night after organizers decided it wasn’t safe to speak.

The move followed boisterous demonstrations outside that sponsors of the appearance feared could turn violent.

“There was a risk there could be physical violence,” said Canadian conservative activist Ezra Levant, who was scheduled to introduce Ms. Coulter.

Once again, the politics of love and tolerance show their true colors. Oh but it gets better. The University actually sent her a warning, threatening her with ummm … jail time, if she violated Canada’s hate speech laws. Peace out!

In an unusual move, the University of Ottawa had sent her a warning before her speech, cautioning Ms. Coulter to watch her words lest she face criminal charges for promoting hatred in Canada.

“I hereby encourage you to educate yourself, if need be, as to what is acceptable in Canada and to do so before your planned visit here,” University of Ottawa academic vice-president François Houle wrote.

“Promoting hatred against any identifiable group would not only be considered inappropriate, but could in fact lead to criminal charges.”

Speaking to CTV’s Power Play Tuesday, Ms. Coulter suggested there’s a double standard at work in Canada because left-wing provocateur Michael Moore doesn’t receive the same kind of forewarnings.

“Does Michael Moore get a letter reminding him to be civil and threatening him with criminal prosecution?” Ms. Coulter said.

Here’s the interview she did tonight CTV:

For the record Coulter has turned the tables on Canada:

Even though Coulter is not a Canadian citizen, Levant, who has been involved in human rights law cases, said it would not be “outlandish” for Coulter to file a complaint against the University of Ottawa, especially in light of the 1985 Singh v. Minister of Employment and Immigration case.

Canadian premier goes to Miami for heart surgery

Perfectly within his rights and I don’t blame him one bit. Canada proposed ripping open his chest and breaking multiple bones, where a Miami expert was able to complete the same surgery in a less evasive manner using an incision under his arm.

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More national health care horror via Fox and Gateway Pundit

Three stories of the fantastic Canadian National Health Care system. The first report describes the growing Canadian health care underground. The operative line comes at the end of the first video from Fox News yesterday morning. Says Fox reporter Dan Springer … the Canadian health care system works well for people who are not all that sick. Indeed.


The second two stories are via Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, because Americans can’t see these stories enough. The first the story of Lindsey McCreith


Then this one, about Cheryl Baxter:


I am sure for routine medical care that requires no payment or out of pocket or as the young President would say “because no one should have to go bankrupt in America because they got sick”, it’s just fine. But … what matter your financial health if you are one of the ones needing an operation but you are 40th in line. Just askin is all.

Medical care, like anything else, is best when it is delivered on demand, not on command, when it is delivered most efficiently by a market place that distributes care based not on state edict from  a centralized location in Washington to 300 million people but by doctors and patients in each locality.

As with anything worth paying for, and I assume your health is worth paying for, such quality care carries a price. In Canada many understand it is a price worth paying. How much is your life worth?

Canada health care documentary… better than Michael Moore’s

We’ve got a 20 minute documentary video from PJTV and Steven Crowder. He joins two Canadian friends to experience Canada’s government health care program first hand.

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Creating two classes of health care in Canada

Health care in Canada may quickly be working towards two classes of health care. Get what you need now, or get what you need in 18 months. If President Obama’s administration promotes a plan similar to Canada’s – frequently referenced as a good model – we may be lucky and be able to stick with the system we have now.

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