Creating two classes of health care in Canada

Health care in Canada may quickly be working towards two classes of health care. Get what you need now, or get what you need in 18 months. If President Obama’s administration promotes a plan similar to Canada’s – frequently referenced as a good model – we may be lucky and be able to stick with the system we have now.

Fox News reports Canada is seeing a boom in the private care market. Depending on the province you live, you may or may not have access to private care options. In some areas, private care is only available for services not covered by government plans.

Some Canada residents are saying “screw it.”

“Any wait time was an enormous frustration for me and also pain. I just couldn’t live my life the way I wanted to,” says Canadian patient Christine Crossman, who was told she could wait up to a year for an MRI after injuring her hip during an exercise class. Warned she would have to wait for the scan, and then wait even longer for surgery, Crossman opted for a private clinic. …

“No question, it was worth the money,” said Crossman, who paid several hundred dollars and waited just a few days.

Smart move Christine. Since care is flat out rationed in Canada, you were told you’d have to wait and you did not accept that level of service. You wanted a higher level of service and went out to pay for it. Good for you.

Now, some people will not have the means to do what Christine did; they just will not have the funds. That is where we run into the next big issue, two distinctly different levels of care for citizens in Canada.

… advocates looking to preserve fairness claim that private clinics undermine the very foundation of the country’s healthcare system.

“Private clinics don’t produce one new doctor, nurse, or specialist. All they do it take the existing ones out of the public system, make wait times longer for everybody else while people who can pay more and more and more money jump the queue for health care services,” said Natalie Mehra, member of the Ontario Health Coalition.

Genius. Ensure that everyone gets the same level of unacceptable care and that makes everything okay in Canada. Sorry, it does not work that way.

So I guess their solution will be to eventually ban all private care across all Canadian Provinces, but that is the exact opposite of what they should be doing; banning all government care and providing incentives for private facilities to get up and running all over the place.

Sister Toldjah has a pretty good point.

Much has been written about the serious problems with socialized healthcare in Canada, as well as the major care issues in the UK – both places touted by leftist liar Michael Moore and other deceptive liberals in an effort to fool the American public on the so-called “benefits” of a public healthcare system. A click on that Liberty Page link will show you links galore about the long waits and substandard care received in some of the same countries singled out as “shining examples” of what the US healthcare system would look like “if only we would give it a chance.”

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