More national health care horror via Fox and Gateway Pundit

Three stories of the fantastic Canadian National Health Care system. The first report describes the growing Canadian health care underground. The operative line comes at the end of the first video from Fox News yesterday morning. Says Fox reporter Dan Springer … the Canadian health care system works well for people who are not all that sick. Indeed.


The second two stories are via Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, because Americans can’t see these stories enough. The first the story of Lindsey McCreith


Then this one, about Cheryl Baxter:


I am sure for routine medical care that requires no payment or out of pocket or as the young President would say “because no one should have to go bankrupt in America because they got sick”, it’s just fine. But … what matter your financial health if you are one of the ones needing an operation but you are 40th in line. Just askin is all.

Medical care, like anything else, is best when it is delivered on demand, not on command, when it is delivered most efficiently by a market place that distributes care based not on state edict from  a centralized location in Washington to 300 million people but by doctors and patients in each locality.

As with anything worth paying for, and I assume your health is worth paying for, such quality care carries a price. In Canada many understand it is a price worth paying. How much is your life worth?

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