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A Veterans Day Thank You

By Steve McGough / November 11, 2014 /

“In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” –Mark Twain

Gang member shoots two people – gets 15 months in prison

By Steve McGough / November 3, 2014 /

Want to know what’s wrong with gun laws in New York? Just check out what this liberal judge did during the sentencing phase for a gang member who shot up a neighborhood … he blamed society.

Guns are inanimate objects and do not act on their own

By Steve McGough / November 3, 2014 /

This story from the Hartford Courant is a sensational news item designed to blame the gun – an inanimate object – for someone’s negligence. The Courant is suggesting the gun is the problem. I feel terrible for the man shot, but this is the result of one’s negligence, not the action of an inanimate object.

Malloy campaign really thinks new gun laws reduced crime?

By Steve McGough / November 2, 2014 /

Total hogwash. I was just reading about Joe Visconti (I) dropping out of the Connecticut governor’s race. He’s asking supporters to vote for Tom Foley (R) to avoid another four years of Gov. D.P. Malloy’s (D) running the state. At the end of the article, the Malloy campaign actually brought guns up.

Clinton actually tries to walk back her “businesses don’t create jobs” statement

By Steve McGough / October 28, 2014 /

Hilarity from Hillary. Really? Really? Hillary Clinton’s statement at the Elizabeth Warren event was clear as day. It was clear and concise, and now liberal news outlets are claiming she fumbled the line?

More “calibration issues” with voting machines

By Steve McGough / October 28, 2014 /

Again, if these votes were switching from Democrats to Republicans, all hell would be breaking loose. This time, we’re getting reports from Maryland. All we have left it seems is our vote. The process should be held in the highest regard, yet Democrats just don’t see it that way.

The more things change… Reagan’s “A time for choosing” speech

By Steve McGough / October 28, 2014 /

Central government planning. Un-checked federal government growth. The failed “war on poverty.” Social Security ponzi scheme. Outlandish Department of Agriculture rules and regulations. Appeasing the enemy.

Additional grand jury leaks reflect witness testimony in Wilson investigation

By Steve McGough / October 23, 2014 /

The leaks are trickling out. Just yesterday, I wrote about the two previous grand jury leaks during the last five days that corroborate original public accounts from the Ferguson Police Department, and the radio interview of one officer Darren Wilson’s supposed friends.

Touch screen “calibration error” gives GOP votes to Democrats in Illinois

By Steve McGough / October 22, 2014 /

I’m sorry, this crap just does not happen on its own. In Illinois, a Republican state representative candidate tried to vote for himself and other Republicans, only to notice – before he submitted the completed ballot – the votes were being cast for his opponent and other Democrats.

Recent grand jury leaks match original police reports in Ferguson

By Steve McGough / October 22, 2014 /

Multiple leaks have seemingly come from insiders directly familiar with the Darren Wilson grand jury proceedings in Missouri during the last week. The grand jury is considering if Wilson, a police officer in Ferguson, was justified in killing Michael Brown on Aug. 4.