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Ebola concerns and what Frieden said about getting on a bus

By Steve McGough / October 16, 2014 /

I’m listening to Rush Limbaugh today and understand Jim was talking about Ebola on the big radio show earlier today. I’m no expert, but let’s put this in perspective. At this point, there is very little chance you’ll be exposed to Ebola. Period. You’re more likely to be killed in an auto accident on the…

NY Times takes 13 days to correct lie about Bush’s Iraq war coalition

By Steve McGough / September 23, 2014 /

Yeah, only two weeks to fix. I read this when the story came out and forgot to write about it. I’m pretty certain some other bloggers pointed it out immediately after it was published, but just today the New York Times published their correction.

Racial profiling traffic “study” stirring up stupidity again

By Steve McGough / September 12, 2014 /

For the life of me, I can not figure out why a review of traffic stop statistics could provide race-baiters with solid information showing cops are “illegally” racial profiling. Oh wait, I know. They can use the statistics collected – no matter how valid they are – to show a “disparity” they can use in a headline.

Grandfather saves grandson during carjacking attack

By Steve McGough / August 27, 2014 /

The grandfather was trying to get away and keep his grandson safe when he saw the thug pull out his gun. The thug fired, and when grandpa saw the opportunity, he returned fire with his own gun and the thugs ran away … only to carjack someone else who did not have a gun.

Home invaders attack child, assault women, kills dog and…

By Steve McGough / August 26, 2014 /

… one of them is killed by the homeowner. Swift justice. There are many politicians who have a serious issue with using firearms for self-defense in the home. What it comes down to is this. If many anti-gunners out there had their way, this family of four would be dead and they would be fine…

Single tragedy kicks off discussion on additional boating regulations in Connecticut

By Steve McGough / August 13, 2014 /

The government does not always have to “do something.” Emily Fedorko from Greenwich died in what can only be described as a terrible accident on the water Aug. 7. Emily and three teenage friends were in a motorboat on Long Island Sound enjoying the day when Emily died after coming in contact with a spinning propeller. Horrific. But as…

Anti-gun commercial has interesting effect

By Steve McGough / August 1, 2014 /

Every single day, multiple times a day, someone protecting themselves, their family or a friend stops a violent attack by using a firearm.

Bill Whittle: A brief history of mental illness

By Steve McGough / July 31, 2014 /

Here is Bill Whittle’s newest Firewall video. Whittle generally bats one thousand with these informative videos, and this one does not disappoint. It’s worth it to watch.

Calif. Insurance Commissioner shocked at huge increases in 2014 health insurance premiums

By Steve McGough / July 30, 2014 /

How could this have happened? Premium increases between 22 and 88 percent? Let me say this upfront: California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones is either a dunce who does not know what he’s talking about, or he’s a liberal political hack who can’t wait to get a job in the upcoming government socialized health care operation.

Good News: Firearm dealers removed from FDIC “high risk” category

By Steve McGough / July 29, 2014 /

This was one of the Obama administration’s attacks on the firearm industry bypassing the normal legislative process. In-other-words, President Obama used his phone and pen to tell the Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation (FDIC) to put firearm dealers on a list of “high risk” businesses banks should avoid. Banking is heavily regulated by the federal government, and…