Guns are inanimate objects and do not act on their own

This story from the Hartford Courant is a sensational news item designed to blame the gun – an inanimate object – for someone’s negligence. The Courant is suggesting the gun is the problem. I feel terrible for the man shot, but this is the result of one’s negligence, not the action of an inanimate object.

An honest question for the Courant’s editorial staff. If a 25-year-old male was negligent and caused significant injury that put a buddy into the ICU, will it always be labeled “Breaking News” on the Courant’s website? If it involved a circular saw or hammer when a couple of buddies were building a deck of the back of the house, or a 1969 Mustang and a jack-stand in a buddies garage, there is no way it would make the news. I’ll be blunt, the Courant is publishing this story because it involved a firearm.

[The victim] sustained non-life threatening injuries to his jaw and neck …

According to an incident report, the shooting happened just after midnight Sunday at an apartment on Webster Street. Wood was showing Medina the handgun when it accidentally discharged, the report says.

This is for Kelly Glista, they author of the piece published at 8 p.m. on a Sunday night. Guns do not accidentally “go off.” Wood – while pointing the gun at Medina – pulled the trigger of the gun, negligently shooting Medina. That is the story.

How many cardinal rules did Wood break. He failed by ignoring three out of four cardinal rules and ignoring the three conditions.

Cardinal Rules of Gun Handling

  1. Always treat firearms as if they are loaded.
  2. Never point the muzzle of a firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy.
  3. Never put your finger on the trigger unless the Three Conditions have been met. Keep your trigger finger on a tactile spot on the frame, outside the trigger guard.
  4. Always be sure of your target, and what is behind and in front of it.

What are the Three Conditions when the trigger is fair game?

  1. The target is safe and available.
  2. It is legal and moral to engage the target.
  3. You’ve made a conscious decision to fire.

Back to the story…

Wood has been placed on administrative leave until the investigation is completed, fire officials said.

nagin-gunInteresting. If any member of the Hartford Fire Department is negligent – putting anyone, at any time, for any reason into the intensive care unit – will they always be placed on administrative leave until an investigation is completed?

Sidebar: How often does this stupid stuff like this happen after midnight on a Saturday night when there are no other contributing factors?

Sidebar 2: The featured image for this post – shown to the right – pictures former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (D) laughing and pointing a patrol rifle at his then NOPD chief.

Sidebar 3: Are you interested in getting your pistol permit? Do you already have your permit and gun but have not practiced and reviewed safety rules in more than six months? Do you want to improve your marksmanship? Contact me. Proper and safe firearm handling is a perishable skill that must be practiced.

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Steve McGough

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  1. Danbo11B on November 3, 2014 at 8:00 pm

    This is why I refuse to read that sad excuse of a news paper. The sad fact is it’s from the city that Sam Colt built.

  2. bien-pensant on November 4, 2014 at 6:59 am

    The Hartford Courant is an organ of the democrat party. It has endorsed Malloy.
    ‘Nuff said about either of those things.


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