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Obama encourages illegal aliens to vote?

By Steve McGough / November 6, 2016 / Comments Off on Obama encourages illegal aliens to vote?

Not quite so fast. He did not understand the premise of the question, or he just was not listening. When Gina Rodriguez asked the question during the interview earlier this week, everyone freaked out about the answer. The video you’re seeing elsewhere cuts off a relevant comment by the president a few moments later in…


Obamacare insurance can drive you to financial ruin

By Steve McGough / November 5, 2016 /

Obamacare was meant to keep medical expenses from driving you into financial ruin, not for the medical insurance to drive you into financial ruin.

Obama administration created list of Muslims & Asians for top jobs

By Steve McGough / October 26, 2016 /

Imagine the total media firestorm George W. Bush would have been – or Donald Trump would be in today – if they requested their staff put together an exclusive list of white Christians for top Executive Branch positions.

Stop visiting conspiracy websites

By Steve McGough / July 18, 2016 /

As a follow up to my You’re getting your news wrong piece a couple of weeks ago, let’s now review the “conservative” and “libertarian” conspiracy websites you should simply avoid. You’ll have to excuse my language in this post. Similar to fake news websites, conspiracy websites make their living off click-bait headlines that are totally over-the-top. Here…

You’re getting your news wrong, all wrong

By Steve McGough / July 2, 2016 /

Bring on the comet! I’m not certain if I’m embarrassed for my fellow man, or ticked off at the ignorance many display when they find – and then share – the “news” read in a Facebook post, Instagram meme or other “news” websites. Take a step back from the keyboard and say this out-loud any time you’re about to comment,…

Why a semi-automatic rifle a good choice for home defense

By Steve McGough / June 14, 2016 / Comments Off on Why a semi-automatic rifle a good choice for home defense

Here is a list of valid reasons, in no particular order, why a semi-automatic rifle is a good choice for home defense.

Orlando club shooting – Evil exists

By Steve McGough / June 13, 2016 /

Suggesting a ban or extreme restrictions on the inanimate objects used during violent, abhorrent, unimaginable atrocities is an easy way to say you want to “do something.” These wonderful people – with their hearts in the right place – really think more laws, restrictions and just loving everyone will significantly help. But Evil exists. We know bans…

The terrible impact of a multi-chance society

By Steve McGough / June 1, 2016 / Comments Off on The terrible impact of a multi-chance society

The judicial system and politicians who are in favor of a second, third and/or a fourth chance society are partly to blame for this. Although you may hear differently, trust me, nobody is in prison for “smoking a little weed,” but there are criminals who should be locked up, yet are let go with low…

Hartford Courant OpEd: 2nd Amendment does not include “assault rifles”

By Steve McGough / February 10, 2016 /

In an opinion piece published in the Hartford Courant today by Noah Feldman, a constitutional law professor at Harvard, Feldman outright states the 2nd Amendment does not include assault rifles. His reasoning comes down to this*, with my emphasis. … there’s something special about weapons that can be used both for self-defense and for militias … those…

Gun Control: Limiting the self-defense options of the law-abiding

By Steve McGough / January 6, 2016 /

Violent crime – including gun crime – is a problem in the US. Of course, it’s a lot less of a problem than it was in 1993, when the violent crime and murder rate was almost double what it is today. I wonder why politicians are not taking credit? Still, tragedies in schools, on the street…