Stop visiting conspiracy websites

As a follow up to my You’re getting your news wrong piece a couple of weeks ago, let’s now review the “conservative” and “libertarian” conspiracy websites you should simply avoid. You’ll have to excuse my language in this post.

Similar to fake news websites, conspiracy websites make their living off click-bait headlines that are totally over-the-top. Here is a perfect example from Gateway Pundit, Infowars, and many others last week. The headline? Warning – “Day of Rage” scheduled by BLM for this Friday in multiple cities.

Bull shit. Total and complete BS. But you fell for it didn’t you?

Once you click through to one of the dozens of websites who pushed this garbage, you’ll get a listing all of the cities, locations and times for the “Day of Rage” supposedly “organized” by anonymous BLM, and funded by George Soros. (I added the last part, you know … his name shows up everywhere so why not?)

So know let’s get this straight.

  1. Someone anonymously creates a fictitious story and posts it online,
  2. Websites you think to be credible pick them up and drive traffic to their site so they can get hits and get paid, and…
  3. Because of all of the social media sharing, some credible news outlets pick it up, and…
  4. Because of the social media and news outlets picking it up, cops get called in for overtime, and…
  5. Nothing happens.

That’s right … nothing happens. But they got you all spun-up didn’t they? They got you to share the posts via social media didn’t they? You copied and posted it to Internet forums didn’t you?

So how does Gateway Pundit – who used to be pretty reliable – cover for passing along a totally fabricated story? Over the weekend they claimed protests “failed miserably.” Failed? Heck, they never were to happen in the first place. But you’re following along with the BS right?

You’re embarrassing yourself.

Note: I was in Times Square Friday night. Nothing more than the normal fruits and nuts, plus a few Turkish flags were seen.

So this morning we get an email from another chap who stayed up all night, worried sick, over articles they read on Infowars and another conspiracy site called Before It’s News. No, I’m not providing you links… You see, they claim the AP admits UN troops will impose martial law right here in the US!

Really? You’re embarrassing yourself. I can’t even figure out how anyone can get through reading the full article since there are so many pop-up advertising and clicks you have to make to read the “information.”

It’s total bull shit.

The email sent to us also claims Soros, President Obama and BLM are planning to take over America, cancelling conventions to ensure Obama will have to stay in office! And the BLM leader (who is that by the way?) is living in a house given to him by Soros! And Newt Gingrich has ties to the New World Order!

Oh, my, God, people…

Back to the “Day of Rage” that never was. Virtually the same exact anonymous false rumor was posted in August 2014. It even had the same locations listed. Not as many of you fell for it that time, but we will see it again. And conspiracy sites will post it again. And many of you will get all spun-up again. And not much of anything will happen.

Times Square … during the so-called “Day of Rage” last Friday night…


You’re getting your news wrong, all wrong

Bring on the comet! I’m not certain if I’m embarrassed for my fellow man, or ticked off at the ignorance many display when they find – and then share – the “news” read in a Facebook post, Instagram meme or other “news” websites. Take a step back from the keyboard and say this out-loud any time you’re about to comment, or share a news item or meme you find on the Internet. (I apologize for the language, but it’s necessary.)

“Most of the stuff I read on the Internet is total bullshit.”

Then, if the story seems over-the-top or contains any quote from Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, President Obama, or just about anything to do with guns, say this out-loud.

“This is certainly total bullshit.”

My approach may seem extreme, but it’s the only way we’ll save ourselves from total embarrassment.

Question everything, share nothing until you’ve checked at least six times to verify the information. If you are unwilling to follow these easy steps, you’re part of the problem. You’re also proving that you are totally ignorant about the subject and showing your uninformed bias. You’re a low-information person, who form their staunch, “justified” opinions quickly and without actual thought. Congratulations. I hope you don’t ever vote.

And don’t tell me that it “sounded like something he or she would say because of what they said in the past.” You idiot, that thing you heard “in the past” was most likely total bullshit as well.

If you are unwilling to put the time into understanding just the basics of the subject at hand, don’t comment on it or share it. It’s that simple.

The latest embarrassment showed up on my Facebook feed this morning. It linked to a fake news website targeting conservatives, libertarians and Republicans that has two buttons just below each headline; “Show Facts” and “Hide Facts.” I’m not kidding. That’s right, this parody website mixed one paragraph of facts, with five paragraphs of fake Sarah Palin quotes created from the mind of a totally delusional writer who is certainly chuckling about all the readers who will think their fiction is real and will share it.

Of course, you barely notice the “show” and “hide” buttons, and that’s all part of the plan to ensure you are dumbed-downed voters.

What’s disturbing is you’re reading this stuff and forming opinions based on total fiction. Then you’re sharing it with like-minded lemons who think it’s real. And then you vote! God, save us all.

The example is in the screen shots below. I really was tempted to leave the names in place to embarrass these folks, but this time I’ll cut them a break. No, I’m not providing a link or even the name of the website. Never even saw it before this morning, but it’s certainly totally full of complete bullshit targeting conservatives and Republicans. (There are sites targeting liberals and Democrats, so don’t think this is one-way stupidity.)

Facebook Thread

Note there were one or two folks who tried to point out this is totally fake.


Fake News Story

Are they protected from liable laws by simply adding the show facts and hide facts buttons?


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