Peter Schiff at Occupy Wall Street

It’s kind of fun to watch some of the responses from the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) crowd as a good number of them seem to be off the wall, but to be fair, there are many protestors who have serious questions. Peter Schiff thinks the movement is getting a bad rap, and attempts to redirect their frustration to where it belongs.

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Collective Bargaining: Kicking the can down the road

It’s not surprising my posts on the negative results of collective bargaining get responses from pro-union folk who completely ignore the content of the post. So I’m just going to throw some more facts out there so they can ignore those too. Countdown for someone to complain about the Koch brothers …. 3 … 2 …

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The Week in Stupid: Cable Pundits on the Giffords Shooting.

Thanks to Instapundit for pointing out this great piece of video from Reason TV. Grab the popcorn my little “mobstas” and settle around the computer screen for a permanent record of the non stop stupidity of the lefty pundits. Read more

Featured Video: Five rules for coping with tragedy

Featured video on the site for the next day or so. It’s not what you would call a self-help video, more like a remember these three things when a tragedy happens and all of the news networks are trying to get the news to you “first” whether it right or totally wrong.

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Obama is the best thing to ever happen to … libertarianism?

Well, I would say yes, but its a shame we had to go through this to prove what I have been saying for 7 years … “Scratch a New Englander and underneath you will find a libertarian yearning to get out.” Read more

Do it for the children

I’ve written before and ranted on air about using kids as human shields for adults furthering their own interests. When teacher unions demand the bulk of the $26 billion dollar bailout (their second) to save their jobs and the use the health and welfare of children as the shield, it’s repulsive. There is nothing compassionate about bankrupting parents and the children to further your own economic interests. Here is yet one more case.

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Remembering the Victims of Communism

On this historic anniversary, the folks at Reason TV have produced a great four minute piece on the victims of Communism. I highlight this because we had so many callers today who lived under or saw first hand life under a socialist dictatorship. People like Kris and Erica and Susan (who lived in West Germany) knew first hand what is was like.

But as Reason TV points out, these people and their lives and their sacrifices are too often forgotten. And today many would even like to flush it all down the memory hole.

And as we look back on that event, we have to resolve, that never again that peoples and nations will allow so evil a tyranny to terrorize the world.

Author and historian Lee Edwards

Yes some, like the New York Times and the Boston Globe, would like to carry on the intellectual debate about what brought the wall down. But after watching this video I am sure you will agree, it was tyranny itself and a people yearning to be free, backed by the world’s defender of freedom, and led by a strong and resolute President that brought down this wall.

Please watch … and never, ever, forget.


For more … you can review my post from earlier today.

Whole Foods CEO interview on Reason TV

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey was interviewed by Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch from and I think I’m going to Whole Foods in West Hartford this weekend. They guys shows himself to be level-headed, smart about economics and business, and someone you may be able to define as conservatarian. … the perfect target for the left.

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