Whole Foods CEO interview on Reason TV

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey was interviewed by Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch from Reason.tv and I think I’m going to Whole Foods in West Hartford this weekend. They guys shows himself to be level-headed, smart about economics and business, and someone you may be able to define as conservatarian. … the perfect target for the left.

But of course the one issue is Mackey runs Whole Foods, a trendy – dare I say progressive – grocery store that supports local food growers, organic ideals, and offers a generous health plan to employees. This you see, makes it a bit more difficult to crush the chain who has stores in 40 states and three countries.

As a side note, many other grocery chains – like Big Y in Connecticut and Massachusetts – also support local food growers, offer organic options and feature high-quality products, so for Whole Foods, maybe a lot of their success is due to marketing efforts. The company was certainly selling what could be considered unhealthy – but good tastin’ – food recently just like the other chains.

Want to really rile up your liberal friends who shop at Whole Foods? Let them know Mackey wanted to vote for Ron Paul, but had to settle for Bob Barr!

Here is a short segment of the video, but the full one hour interview is posted over at Reason.tv. Hat tip to Ed at Hot Air.


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