Featured Video: Five rules for coping with tragedy

Featured video on the site for the next day or so. It’s not what you would call a self-help video, more like a remember these three things when a tragedy happens and all of the news networks are trying to get the news to you “first” whether it right or totally wrong.

Hat tip to AP at Hot Air, who links us to this new Reason.TV video.


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  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Great advice. Everyone relax and don't take the bait. I know its easier for us who are not in the media. But you've got to play the Liberals game and Laugh at them. " How absurd" "You need to be know more about mental illness" You need to be more understanding"


    I am tired of being infuriated, I want them to be when we don't dignify their ridiculous postering.

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