Not the Onion: Texas school to photograph kids’ lunch trays – count calories

More nanny state crap promoted by and funded by the federal government. I am so sure the Founding Fathers envisioned spending tax dollars on a program to make a digital record of calorie intake by each grade-school kid under the temporary care of the government.

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Important California legislation: Fitted or flat sheets at hotels

You can not make this stuff up. You would think the California legislature would have something better to do other than implementing a hotel mandate requiring fitted sheets instead of flat sheets because the fitted sheets are easier for the hotel staff to swap out.

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Nanny State: Students forbidden from bringing lunch from home

Is this isolated or does it happen in other places too? A Chicago public elementary school forbids students from bringing their own lunches to school in and effort to control what they eat.

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Obligatory bullying video: Democrat in Washington wants to act

Did this YouTube video that went viral yesterday morning result in Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) suggesting the federal government has to pass a law making bullying a federal offense?

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Texting, walking, deaths, Michelle Obama, fountains, the mall and YouTube

If that headline does not get your head spinning and your mouse finger clicking, I’m not sure what will. We seem to have a problem with the cell phone texting thing. Other than the fact it can cost some of us a quarter to send or receive just one of these 140 character pieces of literary art, we’ve got people getting killed and some taking unexpected swims. Read more

Obama says look at excess regulation – How about calorie counts on menus?

Yesterday, President Obama had an OpEd piece – yes, he really did – in the Wall Street Journal calling for a review of regulations that place “an unreasonable burden” on business. Let’s see if he is serious. How about nixing the stupid part of the health care legislation – a.k.a. Obamacare – that demands restaurants with 20 or more locations put calorie information on their menus?

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Elections have consequences

We’re officially a “what can my federal government do for me today” country.

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Obama’s science adviser John P. Holdren – Implanted microchips for all

I don’t have time to get into this piece in detail, but how would you feel about an implanted microchip that connects you with an online government database with all of your health record information … required since it’s for the “general welfare” of the United States?

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Minnesota government to track prescription painkiller distribution

Minnesota is looking for an easy way to track prescription pain medication abusers by comparing records submitted by physicians. Of course, the government will have access to the personal records of thousands of people who are not not abusing painkillers, but that should be OK with you right?

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Federal airline passenger “bill of rights” will fail miserably

From the “why don’t they do something” file, we have the federal government stepping in to ensure airlines don’t leave passengers inside of aluminum tubes sitting on airport taxiways more than three hours. Read more