Tanning bed lobby loses to big-plastic in health care tax revenue battle

I’m figuring the local gyms and tanning salons who provide the sun-baked look to those pasty-white college girls in Minnesota don’t have much of a lobbying force in Washington D.C. The Senate dropped a 5 percent tax on cosmetic surgery, only to replace it with a 10 percent tax on tanning services. What will the cast from Jersey Shore do?

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Child protection gone too far – parents unable to play with kids in UK

We’ve discussed feel-good measures designed to ban child predators from being around kids. Those worthless laws don’t do anything, but it feels good to make children safe with a swipe of a pen. In Watford, England, they are doing more. Unless parents go through a background check, playgrounds ban questionable parents – those not approved by the state – from playing with the kids.

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Government does not always have to “do something”

I’ve been thinking about health care, the auto industry, mortgages, banking, housing and even the self-imposed energy crisis. With every one, Americans seem to have fallen into some desire for the federal government to step in and fix it. They need to do something! Read more

Obama administration using distractions to hide true mission

It seems like you can almost guaranty that the hot topic of the day or week will be a distraction. Read more

Lampposts padded to protect pedestrians

You’d think it’s from The Onion, but this is posted on Yahoo’s UK and Ireland news site.

Note: This is reposted from the original on March 7, 2008.

Padding to protect pedestrians (Link)
ITN – Tuesday, March 4 05:08 pm

Padded lampposts are being trialled in a London street to protect inattentive pedestrians.

A pilot scheme has been launched in Brick Lane after it was found to have the highest number of ‘walking and texting’ injuries in the country.

A study carried out by 118 118 found one in ten people has hurt themselves while focused on their mobile phone screen.

The charity Living Streets is so concerned that it has teamed up with the directory enquiries service to test a scheme to wrap up the nation’s lampposts.

A poll will be carried out on Brick Lane to gauge the response of locals.

If successful, the concept will be rolled out in Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool.

Glad they have the sidewalks covered, but what the heck are they going to do for them when they are crossing the road? Pad the cars and trucks? Oh heck, let’s just make a big ball pit for these fools!


Free cars for welfare recipients – now with AAA!

The Commonwealth of  Massachusetts has a program providing automobiles to welfare recipients – including taxpayer funded insurance, auto repairs and a AAA membership – as an incentive to get them to go to work and stay off welfare.

Granted, these are not new cars, but the program costs the commonwealth more than $400,000 per year since Massachusetts covers insurance, registration, taxes, repairs and the AAA membership.

About 20 percent of the program participants end up back on welfare and keep the car. Massachusetts penalizes them by making them cover their own insurance and repairs, but they keep the car.

No word on the AAA membership, which is paid a year in advance.

Here’s part of the story from the Boston Herald.

The program, which started in 2006, distributes cars donated by non-profit charities such as Good News Garage, a Lutheran charity, which also does the repair work on the car and bills the state.

Kehoe defended the program, saying the state breaks even by cutting welfare payments to the family – about $6,000 a year.

“If you look at the overall picture, this helps make sure people aren’t staying on cash assistance. It’s a relatively short payment for a long-term benefit,” Kehoe said.

But Kehoe admitted about 20 percent of those who received a car ended up back on welfare, and while they lose the insurance and other benefits, they don’t have to return the car. …

Applicants for cars must have a job or prove they could get one if they had the car in order to qualify. Once they have the wheels, they must send DTA their pay stubs to prove they are employed.

To get the cars, they must be unable to reach work by public transportation and have a clean driving record. The program is only available to families on welfare with children.

So these people could go to work if they really wanted to, but the commonwealth needs to nudge them a little and provide them with a free car to get them to go to work?

I’m all for helping people in need, but where does this stop? This culture is driving citizens to depend on the government for everything – and that seems to be the goal of many.

Get ready for crummy health care part 2

The SOS has already blogged extensively on a National Health Care single payer system. So has Steve. So has Dave. So if you need some background you’ve got it. But I did want to get this post up so you can see how emboldened the lefties in Congress feel right now. Why cover your tracks, when you can finally let the mask down? The real goal is not to have a government system that competes with the private health care system. The real goal is to replace it.

Witness liberal congresswoman Janet Schakowsky from Chicago (where else) in her speech to committed single payer folks. Hot Air has the entire rundown.


Once again … another campaign promise that seems set to expire … or maybe the congresswoman just jumped the gun a bit.


Who is Rep. Shakowsky? The woman who called you despicable.

Nonetheless, Rep. Jan Schakowsky denounced the Tea Parties as “despicable and shameful” because said events were in opposition to Obama tax policies, which she sees as a “significant, honorable moment of American history.”

Capitalism edges out socialism in poll – Video “Blame The Capitalists”

I am very surprised to see the results of this Rasmussen survey.
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I’m For Universal Health Care If …

My sister is a very bright woman. An AUSA, Corporate Attorney and Law Professor, not to mention a small “l” libertarian I am pretty sure, although I could be wrong. So when she sent me this e-mail I decided to read it word for word. She is a genius.

Jim, My thoughts on universal health care

I have an idea that maybe you could get rolling.  Too often Congress
jumps in without benefit of the facts.  My plan is to get the facts on
universal health care before we jump in.  Novel, huh?
Here’s how it works.

First we need to know the number of General
Practitioners in America versus the number of Americans.  Let’s just say
that there are 10,000 people for every General Practitioner.  We then
select 10,000 people and one GP in, Hartford, for example, for our study.
Those selected should be Democrats only, as Republicans don’t want universal
health care, and we don’t want to skew the results; and, at least one
person selected must be a member of Congress. Other than that, the pool
must truly be a cross section of society, rich, poor, kids, adults,

For the test period all will pay NOTHING for their health care.
For a one year period, those 10,000 people can only get medical care
from the GP we selected.  If testing or a specialist is needed, we obtain
statistics from Canada, or Great Britain as to how long, on average, it
takes for one of their citizens to get a necessary test or to see a
specialist.  If, for example, the average time to see a specialist is 3
months, then anyone in our test group would have to wait 3 months to see
a specialist.

Here’s the best part.  The National Institute of Health is to receive
millions from the “Stimulus Bill”, so let’s put that money to work.  At
the end of one year, all 10,000 people in our study would fill out a
survey detailing, among other things, how happy they have been with their
health care for the past year, and NIH will prepare a report of those
findings.  In addition to the report from NIH, Congress will also be
briefed personally by their colleague who participated in the study.
And, of course, the American people will be made aware of the study

Then, let Congress try to fashion something that works based upon the
study results.  After all, the government requires stringent testing
before allowing a drug to be marketed, why not do the same with health

Sound Off Sister

I actually think it should include at least one Congressman and one Senator, preferably Senator Kennedy or Kerry or Dodd. Your thoughts are welcome so please add them in the commentt section below … but act quickly. Like my sister’s health care plan … you will have to stand in line.

“Obama On Your Shoulder … Again”

“You can’t drive your SUVs and heat your home to 73 … ” and yada, yada, yada. And this coming from the man who heats his home, well our home, to above 73. Now he wants to take away your SUVs too. No really … he does.

RVO Reader Nick writes:

SEMA is the specialty equipment market association and helps car part retailers like myself with product research and legislation that could affect our business. When I read this, I thought it was a joke, but it’s actually true. This one will blow your mind.

Umm … yeah.

The so-called “Accelerated Retirement of Inefficient Vehicles Act” is “Cash for Clunkers” with a twist. Instead of focusing exclusively on old cars as is typical with scrappage programs, this bill will target any vehicle with lower fuel-economy ratings. Participants will receive a cash voucher [given the minimal $1,500–$4,500 voucher value] to purchase a more fuel-efficient new car or used car (model year 2004 or later) or receive credit for the purchase of public transportation tickets.

Thanks Nick. And you thought they just wanted to control your plastic bags, and plastic bottles, and cigarettes, and property, and guns, and free speech, and … oh never mind. Thought you might enjoy hearing this one again. This is why I love MKH. Have fun!


And … you can read her stuff here.