Polling for Dummies

Over the last couple months, there has been a great many poll numbers flying about, with this candidate up and that candidate down or vice versa.  Now, without getting into the actual mathematical and statistical details, these polls, contrary to popular belief, do not give you a precise answer.  They may not even give you an accurate answer.  To understand what they are really telling you, you  have to understand the lingo. Read more

T-Shirtgate: DOJ threatens WWE and Vince McMahon with jail and fine

From the same DOJ that had no problem with the New Black Panther Party and night sticks, comes the most blatantly biased administration of justice this election season. Hand out those T-shirts and we’re headed to court… and it won’t be pretty. Read more

McMahon closing fast … aide says it all depends on turnout now

There you go. It depends on the little “mobsters”. Can’t say I am surprised. The latest Rasmussen poll demonstrates a dramatic turnaround for Republican Senate Candidate Linda McMahon especially with independents. Details below the fold. Read more

WWE Shirts … yes we can

It was really a silly stupid, almost moronic suggestion on the part of the Secretary of State and it took a lawsuit to get it stopped in its tracks. No silly, the AG passed on this “freedom of speech” issue. Read more

Luntz Focus Group in Connecticut: At least she’s created jobs

Sure doesn’t sound like a 15 point lead to me. Frank Luntz brought his focus group to Connecticut last night to get Connecticans response to the McMahon/Blumy race. Frankly, I was a little shocked. Read more

Finally, the Blumenthal “How do you create a job?” commercial

I’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting … and , well, the wait is over. He’s been given many an opportunity to explain how jobs are created and the result is this, Enjoy.

Read more

Linda McMahon and the WWE vs Democrats: living in a glass house

Every day Linda McMahon gets closer to the sitting in the Connecticut Senate driver’s seat and here’s thee perfect example. The Dumbocrats feel the heat and are running scared. They should be. Read more