T-Shirtgate: DOJ threatens WWE and Vince McMahon with jail and fine

From the same DOJ that had no problem with the New Black Panther Party and night sticks, comes the most blatantly biased administration of justice this election season. Hand out those T-shirts and we’re headed to court… and it won’t be pretty.

From CTNow.com, the letter makes it clear that if Vince McMahon hands out free T-Shirts at the polling places in Connecticut, it will consider it a violation of the law banning vote buying. Amazing. UPDATE: click here for background on the entire story.

Vince, faced with jail time and a quarter of a million dollars fine, has backed down and won’t be giving out WWE swag. Can you blame him? But his statement makes it clear this story is not over.

“This is clearly heavy-handed bullying from big government and would appear to be a desperate political activity in closely contested elections in Connecticut,” Vince McMahon, chairman and CEO of WWE, said in a statement. “This is consistent with some attorney generals’ tactics that threaten litigation for political gain.”

More to come. The DOJ letter shows some amazing “cashews” and gives one pause. How political has the DOJ become? Has it now become the Department of selective enforcement?

However the available information also indicates that if this practice is actually planned or occurring, it is open and notorious … violation of section 1973 i(c) of Title 42 of United States Code makes it a Federal offense to pay or offer and individual a thing of value for voting.

Violation of Section 1973i(c) is punishable by imprisonment of up to 5 years and a fine not to exceed $250,000.

Click here to read the entire letter. Via ctcapitolreport.com

More to come.

This is enormously ironic given DOJ employees have come forward and brought attention to blatant bias in the DOJ’s civil rights division in the application of voter intimidation laws. Remember?

It’s also stunning when Pennsylvania Congressmen openly admits that they hand out “walking around” money, ostensibly to work the Get Out The Vote campaign. A little investigation there to see if that money is going for what they say?


Vince is right, “This is consistent with some attorney generals’ tactics that threaten litigation for political gain.”

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  1. Tim-in-Alabama
    Tim-in-Alabama says:

    WWE should have wrestlers in costume and characters stand outside all the polling places providing "security" as a test case for the DOJ's tolerance for polling place intimidation.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Maybe Rambo could hand out t-shirts that say "I was a Vietnam war vet (for 5 minutes)", "Litigating lightweight", "Dodd wuz framed", etc…..   😉

  3. socialenemy
    socialenemy says:

    He should hand out the merch a mile away from each polling place and laugh as the DOJ tries to rewrite the definition of a mile so they can prosecute him. This stinks of Big Government B.S. and I hope Vince doesn't take this lying down.

  4. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    Vince should not have backed down.  What jury would convict him?  He has the money and it is the best marketing mechanism ever.  To give out WWE t-shirts in exchange for jail time is capitalism at its best.

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