Luntz Focus Group in Connecticut: At least she’s created jobs

Sure doesn’t sound like a 15 point lead to me. Frank Luntz brought his focus group to Connecticut last night to get Connecticans response to the McMahon/Blumy race. Frankly, I was a little shocked.

Remember two things. Luntz is very careful how he selects participants, by age, party affiliation and likely voters. They are always unpredictable and this one was too, by it’s honesty. You get the feeling this group is not crazy for either candidate but Linda McMahon score big on a big Blumenthal gaff … jobs.


In light of the crazy Suffolk poll, which my guess will turn out to be an embarrassment, this is some pretty head turning stuff. Even more stunning, after running Blumenthal’s ad attacking McMahon on her WWE connection, people didn’t seem to care that much.


Game on.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Wow!  The masses aren't asses after all!  😉


    Seriously, how can you legislatively create or nurture an environment for job growth and creation if you simply do not understand the hurdles (the bulk of which are created by government) that an entrepreneur has to jump to meet a payroll every week?


    It is exactly like putting the son of a business owner in a management position, when he hasn't worked a day in the business, just living off his parents.  Invariably, in those circumstances, the business gets run into the ground (unless the parent takes over).  That is exactly what is happening here.

  2. rjan
    rjan says:

    Frank Luntz is a fox news operative, maybe cbs radio wtic should ban him for his stupidity.

    The only way Linda can win now is if she has a ground breaking negative story on Blumenthal,  that the majority of  people in Ct. will buy. Otherwise we will welcome senator Blumenthal on Nov. 2, 2010.   

  3. socialenemy
    socialenemy says:

    I was curious (and sorry to be a little off topic) what Jim or anyone else thought about the CNN poll that just came out. I'm not sure if Jim spoke on it on his show or not, I can't always give it my full attention at work (sorry 🙁 ) but I feel like the poll is bunch of crap. How do you go from a 5 point lead one week in one poll to 15 the next week in another poll?

  4. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    rjan: Hmmmm.  You can't argue the message, so you attack the messenger.  How about critiquing what they said?  Was it wrong and why?


    People get the government they deserve.

  5. john bono
    john bono says:

    Two things:

    1)Use the term Nutmegger or Connecticut Yankee.  Don't use Connecticans.  Our state is hart enough to spell as it is.


    2)I think the race in CT is a lot closer than it looks.  The two districts in the western part of the state are tilting R.  Chris Murphy(my congressman) is placing ads stating that he "works with Republicans" and omits any mention that he might be a democrat.  Historically, this district includes Nancy Johnson's, John Rowland's, and Gary Franks as previous congressmen, all R.   Himes in the district south of me is starting to give off some flop sweat too.  He may turn out to be a one termer.  We've had R governors for 20 years, I think.   I think the 2nd district is looking promising, as well.

  6. Redman Bluestate
    Redman Bluestate says:

    I saw the focus group last night and the Blumey supporters were pretty quiet, not energized at all like the McMahon backers. To followup on Mr. Bono's comments I think he is exactly right. This race is tight. The Blumey campaign would not be looking for an October Surprise to attack McMahon with sleazy photos of WWE women if they were at all confident right now. Linda should just tell it like it is – A vote for Blumenthal is a "YES" vote for Obama's radical left agenda. Both Obama and his Mrs. have been in the state campaigning with Blumey, and Blumey will be in their back pocket. No different than Dodd. That should be another point Linda should make about Blumey. He will vote just the same on issues as if Dodd were still in office. The 5th district will turn back to red this time. Pelosi Lap Dog Chris Murphy is going to loose! He can not run away from his votes to support TARP, the failed Stimulus, and Obamacare. Go Linda! Go Sam!

  7. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    The Øbamas, Clinton, tons of DSCC money etc. shows two things: 1) they aren't confident of a win at all, and 2) all this attention simply verifies that he will be a much needed rubber stamp for the socialist agenda of the Democrats.  He won't have a choice: he owes them now.

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