RVO housekeeping: Stories from a DNS migration

What the heck happened? Well, we moved the site to a new host about 24 hours ago and since navigating the world of DNS changes is not an easy one for the expert – it does not come with a step-by-step guide – novices are lucky to keep their heads above water.

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New website theme for Radio Vice Online

New theme implemented today, but there are definitely more tweaks needed. Might take a few days to flush everything out so please be patient.

Note the placement of the pages, they are now at the top left of every page. On the home page, the sub-menu under the Radio Vice Online logo provides you with our posts broken up into categories … kind of like your newspaper. We’ve brought back two features people have been asking for.

If you’ve got comments about the new theme, post them below. If you find something broken, you can contact us or post in the comments section below. The 10 most current posts are on the home page under ‘What’s new here?’.

The Newswire is back. It’s not on the homepage, but available with one click from the menu at the very top of every page. Right now, we’re featuring Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, Powerline, Instapundit and Big Government.

Facebook Like Button
You can like any post or page on the site. Blogging is all about social networking and we really appreciate it when our readers “like” our content on Facebook – thank you in advance.

E-mail this post
Right next to the author name and publish date, you’ll see we’ve brought back the ability for you to send a post to your friends via e-mail. Many of you don’t do the Twitter or Facebook thing, so this is for you. We do not collect any e-mail addresses during this process.

Bookmark and Promote
Facebook, Twitter and e-mail are the most favored ways to share content, but we’ve also added the ability to share via StumbleUpon, Digg and

We may eventually add a re-Tweet button up at the top of the post, but it’s now at the bottom and of course, you should Follow us on Twitter anyway!

New Radio Vice Online look for smart phones

We’re experimenting with a new view for those of you visiting the site using your smart phone. You won’t see it unless you access the site with your iPhone, iTouch, some Blackberries, Android, or the Palm Pre, but if you do visit using a mobile device, you’ll see a very streamlined look. Read more

Radio Vice Online moving servers – yet again

As you may have noticed, we’ve had some Web server issues here at Radio Vice Online for the past six days. After a total failure (in my opinion) of a “migration” last Wednesday night, I elected to go with a new Web host. After testing on Monday, most of the files and the database were moved Tuesday.

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RadioViceOnline – planned server move (site down) Aug. 25 (Update)

Just an update on our Web server move. Everything looks to have been migrated over and the site is coming up normally. There may be some issues with posting comments (give it a try if you’ve got something to comment on). We’ll test the poll this morning too.

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Share posts on Twitter and Facebook

If you like the stuff we post and want to share, you’ve always been able to e-mail the post to a friend, but you can now share our semi-literate, grammar and spelling challenged prose with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Scroll down to the bottom of the post and you’ll see what we mean.

Knock yourselves out.

Radio Vice Online home page format change

Slight change in formatting as you may have noticed on the home page. We’ve removed the featured content gallery (the big picture that scrolled through the items in the Featured category) and replaced them with a standard listing.

We had some people note that although it looked cool, it was tough to read and keep up with the four items that scrolled through. Now, you can read and click at your leisure.

We’re also only displaying the three most recent posts for the Featured, Economics, and Politics & Government categories. Since the News, Media & Other Events category is “below the fold” we left the most four recent posts there.

Remember, the Newswire is at the bottom of the page and should be required reading when you have the chance since it’s good stuff from other bloggers. I’ll be replacing the TOTUS blog with listings from Michelle Malkin’s site within the next week or so.

Within the next couple of weeks if not sooner, you’ll be able to send out Tweets in reference to our posts and share posts on Facebook.

Feel free to comment on the style, which may eventually go through a complete redo in the fall. We’re taking comments on other features, but no promises.

Blogging activity level through Nov. 7

Just a note that I’m covering for some people on vacation for the next two days, and next week I will be in a training class that will require long commutes each day. I’ll post when I can, but activity will certainly be limited.

My blogging activities

My blogging activities have expanded a little the last couple of weeks. I’m now a guest blogger over at Jim Vicevich’s Radio Vice Online site. This does not mean that I’m blogging any more than I used to, just spreading the wealth a little bit.

My personal goal is to provide one or two posts per day on average, and keep my time commitment to no more than one hour a day. Some days will be more, some less. I have a job and other responsibilities; and this site does not pay very well. 😉

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Housekeeping scheduled this week

OK, it’s not really scheduled, but it will happen at some point. I’m going to be updating my theme to the newer version that has some additional functionality and is a bit cleaner.

The changes will happen within the next seven days and you may notice that the home page and article pages look a bit strange at times, but everything will still be available.

I may also take a stab and improving/enhancing the category list. It’s been my goal to keep the list “tight” and clean and use post tags to supplement the categories but I’m finding that I may need a few more categories.

Sorry for any inconvenience.