Radio Vice Online home page format change

Slight change in formatting as you may have noticed on the home page. We’ve removed the featured content gallery (the big picture that scrolled through the items in the Featured category) and replaced them with a standard listing.

We had some people note that although it looked cool, it was tough to read and keep up with the four items that scrolled through. Now, you can read and click at your leisure.

We’re also only displaying the three most recent posts for the Featured, Economics, and Politics & Government categories. Since the News, Media & Other Events category is “below the fold” we left the most four recent posts there.

Remember, the Newswire is at the bottom of the page and should be required reading when you have the chance since it’s good stuff from other bloggers. I’ll be replacing the TOTUS blog with listings from Michelle Malkin’s site within the next week or so.

Within the next couple of weeks if not sooner, you’ll be able to send out Tweets in reference to our posts and share posts on Facebook.

Feel free to comment on the style, which may eventually go through a complete redo in the fall. We’re taking comments on other features, but no promises.