RadioViceOnline – planned server move (site down) Aug. 25 (Update)

Just an update on our Web server move. Everything looks to have been migrated over and the site is coming up normally. There may be some issues with posting comments (give it a try if you’ve got something to comment on). We’ll test the poll this morning too.

Ugh.. see an update on this situation here.

Since 1 a.m. ET today (Aug. 27) there has been some intermittent database connection issues for some reason and you may see errors. Just refresh the page and it should come up.

We have the ability to post content, but we are unable to access the server itself via FTP to update files as needed. That problem might slow us down a bit until resolved.

It does look like our page caching is working properly, and that is a big hurdle we got by.

Original message posted Aug. 25…

Between 8 p.m. ET on Aug. 25 and 8 p.m. ET on Aug. 26, a pre-planned server move will be taking place. During this time, RadioViceOnline may become unavailable. Don’t freak out!

The move was originally scheduled for two weekends ago, but they delayed it for one week, than another week. Of course, the original plan was to move the servers on a Friday night (low traffic) but that seems to have gone out the window.

If we’re lucky, we’ll be back up in time for the big radio show tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. ET. That said, the maintenece window is open for a full 24 hours so you never know.

Once back up, there will be no changes to the site; this is just a server move.

Listen to the show, get some work done and why not read a book?

That is all.

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  1. Rick-WH
    Rick-WH says:

    Steve, thanks for all of your efforts.  With so much to do, it is too bad that some of it has to be done two or three times – through no fault of yours.

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