Clinton actually tries to walk back her “businesses don’t create jobs” statement

Hilarity from Hillary. Really? Really? Hillary Clinton’s statement at the Elizabeth Warren event was clear as day. It was clear and concise, and now liberal news outlets are claiming she fumbled the line?

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Hillary Clinton lies about Hobby Lobby SCOTUS ruling

Here is the full, in-context video of which Jim featured portions of on the big radio show today.

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Hillary Clinton, as the heiress apparent for the Democrat party, gave us a glimpse of our future under her “guidance”. Read more

Obama administration calls for reduction in regulation on business

Small and medium-sized businesses are the growth engine of the economy, and in a new proposal, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton strongly suggests government “loosen regulations and make it easier to start or expand a small business….” in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.

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Obama foreign policy … “It’s amateur night”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is getting tired. Certainly, there are a tremendous number of world events that are stretching the State Department’s abilities, but it does not help if you have a boss that can’t seem to make a decisive decision on anything other than sports picks.

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Hillary Clinton to TSA: No, I would rather you not touch my junk, thank you. UPDATE: TSA Chief says we won’t profile

Come on. At least she’s honest. Speaking on Face the State the Secretary of Defense is asked to defend the obviously intrusive pat downs taking place at airports … defend it she did, but not without a little personal note at the end. Read more

Linda McMahon and the WWE vs Democrats: living in a glass house

Every day Linda McMahon gets closer to the sitting in the Connecticut Senate driver’s seat and here’s thee perfect example. The Dumbocrats feel the heat and are running scared. They should be. Read more

Sec. Clinton does not think the rich pay enough taxes

Yup, the rich do not pay enough taxes. Well Secretary of State Clinton, since you think that way, may I suggest you and your husband cut a check and pay extra local, state and federal taxes immediately. There is nothing stopping you from paying more, but you won’t do it … and you know it.

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Obama sets up anger management session with Dr. Phil for Iran and North Korea

At a United Nations nuclear nonproliferation conference this week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laid out our nuclear cards, expecting Iran and North Korea to have a “come to Jesus” moment and start playing nice.

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Should America’s nuclear weapon policy remain vague?

After changing up and narrowing the when-we-would-use nuclear weapons policy on April 6, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revised – or clarified – the policy this morning. I think the administration is trying to put together a game plan that could never be used in reality.

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