Not in the news – Drug runners now shooting at US law enforcement from Mexico

Oh, this is just great. How can this not be a serious issue discussed by the main stream media? Drug runners were trying to bring a boat or two filled with drugs across the border – the Rio Grande River – into Texas when US authorities in patrol boats attempted to stop them. First, criminals from Mexico started throwing rocks, then they started shooting.

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Obama on border security … “I fixed it, now let’s talk amnesty”

No, you didn’t. President Obama sent out an email to supporters yesterday claiming he’s solved the border security problem so now it’s time to fix our immigration system and move forward on amnesty. In reality, the Great Recession and the economic downturn is what reduced the number of illegal aliens crossing the border, not security improvements.

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Portion of national park on border closed to Americans due to violence

The federal government closed a portion of a US park in Arizona four years ago due to violence perpetuated by illegal aliens and smugglers along the US/Mexico border. Maybe the president will be up to the task of “kicking some a$$” to get the United States border secured?

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Homeland Security kills virtual border fence

I have to admit, when I first read the story about Homeland Security giving up on the Boeing virtual fence idea, I was ticked off, but I also figured if it was not going to work, I’d be fine with ditching the idea and coming up with a new one … like maybe a real fence.

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Napolitano: Blame Canada!

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano just keeps digging it deeper with Canada. The gaffe machine admits she got it wrong when she said the 9-11 hijackers came through Canada but that’s not what makes this bite so good. She blames the bruhaha on the Canadians who are unhappy she’s decided to tighten up the Canadian border.


So let me get this straight. You blunder by blaming 9-11 on lax Canadian security, which wasn’t and then you blame their anger on the fact you are tightening up the Canadian border anyway while the wild west show continues along the Mexican border where you said crossing illegally is not a crime. Yup … glad she could clarify that.

Editor’s Note: You can catch all of her gafftastic comments over the past few weeks in Erik’s post here.

Oh and Janet … this one’s for you … (CONTENT WARNING … THE KIDS DROP THE “F” BOMB)


Access to the Texas Border and Eminent Domain

In Kelo v. the City of New London, the Supreme Court ruled that the use of eminent domain to transfer property from one private owner to another to further economic development and in effect, increase the tax base for the city was legal. The case was a big deal, since use of eminent domain by state or local governments previously involved buying property – at or above market value – to build a road, install power or utilities or even railroad lines. In this case, homes were taken to build – you guessed it – more expensive homes. Read more

Mexico’s Hypocritical Policy on Border Control

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon is a hypocrite. Recently he spoke in front of California’s State Legislature demanding that the American people fix our immigration policy. Who does he think he is?

Malkin has the full details including comments from McClintock and Tancredo. This, along with Mexico and our Executive Branch planning to secure Mexico’s southern border is the ultimate in hypocrisy.

Take a look at Mexico’s immigration policy; it is pretty strict. Their policies are in place to ensure foreigners do not take jobs from Mexicans.

Shall we review just two aspects of Mexican law concerning buying property and working in Mexico?

The rules about buying land as a foreigner are usually pretty thick, and Mexico is no different.

  • Property may be purchased and owned outright for residential use by foreign nationals outside of the 100km restricted land border zone, or outside of the 50km coastal zone;
  • Inside of the restricted border/coastal zones, foreign nationals may own land through a fidecomiso (a trust) which is set up through a bank and provides for ownership of the land and property in all but name.

What that means is foreign nationals can not buy property for a home closer than 50km from the ocean unless you are willing to sort of own the property. So if the government wants that beach-side pad, they can take it.

What about working in Mexico? No problem, but before you come into the country you have to be sponsored by a company and the position must go through a thorough check to ensure a Mexican is not qualified and wants the job.

Permits are gained from the Mexican Government and are issued to people who are sponsored by companies in Mexico (or foreign companies with Mexican operations / subsidiaries), or by people with specific skills required in Mexico.

Sounds reasonable to me, maybe we should just adopt the Mexican government’s own rules, then maybe Calderon will stop lecturing us about our immigration policy.

White House Plans to Help Secure Border – Mexico’s SOUTHERN Border

You’ve got to be kidding me.

The 2008 budget from the White House has $1.8 billion set aside to help Mexico secure their southern border from illegal aliens from other Central American countries.

This is a pay off for something. Not one dime would go to secure their southern border, and we all know it.

John McCain and the Open Border

Border, language, culture. Those are the three elements that define a country.

Dr. Juan Hernandez is a dual citizen (Mexico and U.S.A) and was formerly part of President Vicente Fox’s cabinet in Mexico. Let’s list off the information that has been put together concerning Dr. Hernandez.

  • Hot Air has found out that Hernandez quietly joined the McCain campaign in November 2007, and seems to be his director of Hispanic Outreach.
  • Michelle Malkin has more information on Hernandez as well, and they got together one evening when she was filling in for O’Rielly on The Factor. A video of the exchange is available on Hot Air.
  • In an interview on ABC News’s Nightline, Hernandez stated bluntly that he was betting that the Mexican American population in the United States –all generations– “will think Mexico first…”
  • Here is a link to an interview with Hernandez, posted on his own Web site, read the entire page. My emphasis added.

Hernández is emphatic. We must not only have a free flow of goods and services, but also start working for a free flow of people.

  • Finally, Rep. Tom Tancredo was interviewed on MSNBC on The Situation with Tucker Carlson. My emphasis added.

CARLSON: Well, if that‘s true and I take you at face value, I believe everything you‘re saying is accurate, how can we consider Mexico an ally if the government of Mexico, as you said, is encouraging its citizens to break American law?

TANCREDO: I had a great argument one time with a gentleman by the name of Juan Hernandez who was at that time the minister of that ministry that I just mentioned, the Ministry for Mexicans Living in the United States.

And I asked him that very question. What he told me the purpose of his ministry was to push people into the United States, it was to—by the way, it was also AFC work with them so that they did—he was with the community, he said. He was three days a week in the United States, four in Mexico.

I’ll say it again, McCain is not, and has never been a conservative. If you want a conservative in the White House, McCain is not your choice.

Border Patrol Agent Killed in Arizona

Why are these border incursions buried by the news media? From

A U.S. Border Patrol agent was killed yesterday morning when he was intentionally struck by a Hummer fleeing law enforcement officers in the Imperial Sand Dunes near Yuma, Ariz.

This happened on Saturday morning, with news breaking probably about 24 hours ago.

Look, we are becoming way to “politically correct” in these situations. The border patrol agents know that they are being watched by people who are in power and do not think they (agents) are needed at all – the open borders crowd.  Since every move they make is being watched, they feel they need to use the least amount of force possible to stop these felons. Drug dealers and alien smugglers are dangerous felons, and the agents are limited to stop sticks? Come on now!

I think helicopter gunships are in order; maybe even an RPG or two. Allow deadly force to stop the incursions.

Build the fence. Now. Deport all illegal aliens. Now. Change the law to end the anchor baby program.