Mexico’s Hypocritical Policy on Border Control

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon is a hypocrite. Recently he spoke in front of California’s State Legislature demanding that the American people fix our immigration policy. Who does he think he is?

Malkin has the full details including comments from McClintock and Tancredo. This, along with Mexico and our Executive Branch planning to secure Mexico’s southern border is the ultimate in hypocrisy.

Take a look at Mexico’s immigration policy; it is pretty strict. Their policies are in place to ensure foreigners do not take jobs from Mexicans.

Shall we review just two aspects of Mexican law concerning buying property and working in Mexico?

The rules about buying land as a foreigner are usually pretty thick, and Mexico is no different.

  • Property may be purchased and owned outright for residential use by foreign nationals outside of the 100km restricted land border zone, or outside of the 50km coastal zone;
  • Inside of the restricted border/coastal zones, foreign nationals may own land through a fidecomiso (a trust) which is set up through a bank and provides for ownership of the land and property in all but name.

What that means is foreign nationals can not buy property for a home closer than 50km from the ocean unless you are willing to sort of own the property. So if the government wants that beach-side pad, they can take it.

What about working in Mexico? No problem, but before you come into the country you have to be sponsored by a company and the position must go through a thorough check to ensure a Mexican is not qualified and wants the job.

Permits are gained from the Mexican Government and are issued to people who are sponsored by companies in Mexico (or foreign companies with Mexican operations / subsidiaries), or by people with specific skills required in Mexico.

Sounds reasonable to me, maybe we should just adopt the Mexican government’s own rules, then maybe Calderon will stop lecturing us about our immigration policy.