Gun Control

Feinstein: “All the police” support my assault weapon ban

By Steve McGough | February 26, 2013 |

Although Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.) thinks she has all of the police supporting her proposed assault weapon ban, I can tell her with authority she does not.

New York: Penalties for large capacity magazines redux

By Steve McGough | February 26, 2013 |

Since my original post on the subject was long, corrected and updated multiple times – confusing even me – I needed to write a shorter post to clarify. I made a solid effort to update the orignal, but here’s the needed follow up.

Connecticut Attorney General: 2nd Amendment an individual right … for the time being

By Steve McGough | February 26, 2013 |

The attorney general in each state is the chief legal officer for the state, representing the interests of the people in legal matters and serve as legal council to state agencies. Their scope should not include politics or formation of law, as that is the role of the legislatures. But that does not stop Connecticut’s…

New York: Penalty for 11 rounds in a magazine as severe as sexual conduct against a child (Update)

By Steve McGough | February 25, 2013 |

Common sense gun legislation. Having eight rounds in a 10 round magazine, or having magazines with more than a 10 round capacity in New York will be is defined as criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree; a “Class D Violent Felony.” Wondering what some class E felonies in New York are?

All of a sudden, gun control legislation is a race for Connecticut’s Malloy

By Steve McGough | February 21, 2013 |

When Connecticut Gov. D.P. Malloy (D) formed his task force on gun violence prevention early in the year, the governor set a deadline of March 15 to deliver preliminary reports with suggestions. Now Malloy wants to ignore the working groups and push his own legislation through immediately.

Joe Biden has no clue concerning firearms – “Get a double barrel…”

By Steve McGough | February 19, 2013 |

Buy a double barreled shotgun, you don’t need an AR-15. “It’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use and you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself.” That’s the advice Vice President Joe Biden gave via video today. He is lying to you and does not know what he is talking about.

Taking Guns Away: Liability insurance requirement in New York, Connecticut, California…

By Steve McGough | February 19, 2013 |

I’m starting a new series of articles called Taking Guns Away. For all of you who keep telling people nobody is talking about taking your guns away, you’re tuning a blind eye to facts. Instead of walking into your home and demanding confiscation or mandatory buy-backs, the gun-grabbers will just make it too expensive to…