All of a sudden, gun control legislation is a race for Connecticut’s Malloy

When Connecticut Gov. D.P. Malloy (D) formed his task force on gun violence prevention early in the year, the governor set a deadline of March 15 to deliver preliminary reports with suggestions. Now Malloy wants to ignore the working groups and push his own legislation through immediately.

From The Hartford Courant.

Exhibiting frustration with what he sees as the General Assembly’s lack of progress on gun control, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Wednesday that he will propose language Thursday that can be pushed through the House and Senate into law.

Why would he do this? I think it’s pretty obvious. There is no emergency requiring legislation to be passed immediately, and I’m certain more people are actually taking the time to learn more about the issue and are uncomfortable about proposals being floated by the gun control crowd. They are learning the legislation will not do anything to prevent shootings and Malloy does not like informed people. When referencing the working groups, Malloy originally said they…

… could take as much time as it needed, adding: “This is not a race.” Meanwhile, the legislative task force, although it is working faster than Malloy’s panel, still isn’t finished, either.

Malloy just realized it is a race. For him and the gun control crowd it’s a race against logic and the truth.

  • How many of you know the Virginia Tech shooter used a handgun with standard capacity magazines – not a rifle – to kill 32 college students?
  • How many of you realized the NRA’s suggestion to placed armed law enforcement in schools is exactly what school districts around the country – including Newtown – are asking for? The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre was branded the devil for making the same suggestion.
  • How many of you know the Aurora, Colo. shooter’s “devastating” 100-round magazine drum failed and jammed after only a few shots?
  • How many of you found out for the first time the 2nd Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with hunting?
  • How many of you knew the Newtown shooter sometimes used only used half of the 30 rounds in his magazine? (I hope to have more on this in the future.)
  • How many of you have spoken to a cop you know, and he or she told you the gun control legislation being proposed will do nothing to reduce the chance a tragedy like Newtown will happen again?
  • How many of you found out – in almost every mass shooting case – the shooter was on, or had previously been prescribed psychiatric medication? I would never say there was a direct cause and effect, but that certainly seems to be a contributing factor.
  • How many of you realized the New York gun control legislation that was past with no discussion or debate went too far?
  • Did you recently find out there was a difference between fully-automatic rifles and semi-automatic rifles?
  • Did you figure out the media almost never gets the facts correct when reporting on firearms?
  • Did you learn there is no functional difference between an AR-15 type “assault rifle” and the rifles that “look less evil?”

I could go on and on…

It’s my job – and your job – to research the issue and inform yourself about the proposed legislation and the effectiveness of the proposed laws. Do not stop. Learn and reach out to others. Don’t let the gun control crowd bully you into submission. Keep fighting … I think we are actually reaching people!

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  1. SeeingRed
    SeeingRed says:

    Dannel P. does not disappoint.? He’s a thrashing liberal with no thought to his motivations, only a political directive from Big Ears in the White House.

  2. stinkfoot
    stinkfoot says:

    The race is likely to get something passed before people realize what the governor and legislature are up to.? As has already been pointed out, Malloy does not like informed people.

  3. JBS
    JBS says:

    The window of opportunity is closing for the gun-grabber, gun-banning Democrats. More and more people are realizing that this just political grandstanding by the Democrats to appease the ultra anti-2nd Amendment zealots of the uber-Left. Politicians are shallow and venal, but they realize that anti-gun legislation of a loser for the Democrats.
    Obama has been rebuffed by the Congress. Executive orders are his only alternative. Our governor, D. P. Obama-Malloid, will try to cram through poorly thought-out legislation in his bid to relevant on the national scene. Cuomo did it, Obama is still going to try and O’Malloid will try an emergency session. He really wants to go to Washington or a cushy corporate job,? so, what’s to lose? He’ll stick Connecticut with some more crummy gun laws.
    We already have enough! We need deliverance from these Liberty hating Democrats.

  4. james pelkey
    james pelkey says:

    malloy just 2 days ago supported the task force’s 15 mar 13 dead line and said “taking time to make sense of things and make good informed decisions, and not to give in to pressure, and to avoid knee jerk reactions and end up with the mess new york has” ?malloy now with his sociopath personality disorder and with his pathological lying, throws the task force under the bus,jumps in his malloy mobile with his 1 million 7 hundred thousand dollars and rising presidential security detail in toe rushes to danbury and jumps on joe biden’s coat tails hoping to ride them all the way to the white house that he so desperately seeks to be elected to. perfect example of what i have been saying for the past 2 years. malloy will say anything to anybody that he thinks will get him into washington d.c. malloy will tax and rape the citizens resources and GIVE it all to the millionaire’s and billionaire’s under whatever malloy’s pathological lye of the moment is, all the while believing they will get him to d.c.. malloy will victimize EVERYBODY to include all of his YES MEN AND WOMEN and because of his sociopath personality disorder will not even give it a second thought let alone actually caring. malloy is out for malloy,as you can see…

  5. james pelkey
    james pelkey says:

    seeing red,i mean no disrespect and you have every right to say what you believe, but malloy is out for malloy. malloy has his own agenda and will victimize every and any body to full fill his personal agenda and satisfy his big empty dark hole. And that includes obama.just like malloy is using joe biden this very minuet. respectfully james pelkey

  6. BobInTN
    BobInTN says:

    As a Connecticut “expatriate”, I’m not at all surprised by Gov. Malloy’s edict in the style of Obama. ?Legislating is so cumbersome and time consuming. ?Our President is truly leading his adoring minions ( i.e lemmings, Malloy) over a facist cliff. ?I’m afraid the actions taken today will only serve to broaden the chasm.
    As you may or may not be aware, Connecticut’s actions post Newtown, do not go unnoticed here in Tennessee. ?There are real and consequential differences in the public’s attitude on gun control between here and CT. ?There is a historical perspective which needs to be appreciated, not labeled, as Obama did with his “… bitter clingers…” comment, as well as the practical issues at hand. ?I live, as many do in this country, a rural life. ?Response time for an ambulance is 18 minutes at best, for the Sheriff… it depends what the manpower is each day. ?Everyone is assumed to be armed here, and due respect is given. ?If I break down on one of the county roads and need help, I know better than to walk up to someone’s door and start banging on it, I politley start announcing myself as I walk up the driveway. ?That is just common sense here. It wasn’t to me when I got here 8 years ago…

    • Steven
      Steven says:

      Bobln,? my wife and I are on our way down to TN in a few weeks specifically to look for a home.? Weve had it with this state and its constant re-election of people who are career politicians with no clue.?? I could live with the taxes and some of the other issues but when they decide to infringe on my rights (which is getting to be a constant yearly event) Ive had enough.? We’ll take our money and talents and give them to an area of the country where we are welcomed with open arms.??? I’m not the only one either – I personally know of 2 other families about to call it a day.? Very talented and good people too.? Goodbye CT.??
      I’d be very interested in talking with you about TN.? Thanks – Steve

  7. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I would suspect that it is more of a race to get on ?bama’s political radar for a cabinet appointment or something.? That, and given time, people will see how few clothes the “emporer” has in regard to this argument.

  8. sammy22
    sammy22 says:

    Sounds like Pres. Obama is a socialist (or worse) in CT and a fascist in TN. Nice…. you can’t make this stuff up.

  9. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    In trying to play up? to Biden, Malloy has just slapped every?CT citizen in the face.?
    He basically said ” Screw your voice in this process.? Screw the voices you voted to represent you.? Screw the legislative process.? It’s my way or the highway.”?

  10. Vizionmusic
    Vizionmusic says:

    Seems to me, that in polls taken just a couple days before- where-in old ‘Dan’l didn’t fair so pwell as far as being re-elected.. has caused him to ‘lose’ it ( even more ) and desperately try to garnish votes ( mostly) from the ‘Mommies’ of young children…..

    • JBS
      JBS says:

      I saw Malloid on the tube (while I was at the gym) today, Sunday 3/24.
      He makes me ashamed of being from Connecticut.
      He is the embodiment of a toady, a suck-up, a sycophant, a me-too!, a front-runner a . . .

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