More Obamacare waivers slip under the radar

Recently the Department of Health and Human Services granted additional waivers from the burdens of Obamacare, this time to four states.  Count your blessings if you are a state employee, and live in… Read more

See You in November … the musical

Something to cheer up your Monday morning via Glenn Reynolds and Instapundit. Read more

Tennessee Basil … we hardly knew ye

Ahhh. It’s over. The Man who would stimulate the economy by planting grass in empty lots, and make everyone carry a gun or face a fine, why he even offered to be any state’s Governor if he could fix it, lost yesterday’s primary vote in Tennessee. Read more

It’s here! Basil Marceaux’s first campaign ad

Much more awesome than I even imagined. Don’t be scared. Go ahead. Watch it.

There’s really nothing here that Basil didn’t say before. This is just in a “slicker”, more Madison Avenuey, format. And just think … he said he would be Governor of any state if he could fix it. Read more

I’ll take one of these please … Basil Marceaux for Governor

Connecticut is so doggone boring. Tom Foley, boring. Dan Malloy, sooooo predictably left, Oz, playing it safe my man. But here …now here is a candidate for Governor that I can really get my arms around.

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