Ramirez: The Compromise

This just about sums-up the week does it not? One week closer to the Fiscal Cliff. I say we go for it. If you’re not watching the Michael Ramirez editorial cartoons over at Investor’s Business Daily, you should be.

Read Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air for a chaser.

Ramirez: Obama’s multiple views on campaign finance and superpacs

Michael Ramirez takes a look back on President Obama’s view(s) on campaign financing.

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Ramirez Cartoon: Obama leadership … “I hear you”

I wrote about this subject last week and political cartoonist Michael Ramirez brings the same up today. What’s your reaction to blaming all of the problems on business executives who will not “step up?”

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Ramirez cartoon on Reid’s “Cowboy Poetry” funding request

Another great political cartoon from Michael Ramirez over at Investor’s Business Daily. He hits the ball out of the park so frequently.

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Your Friday afternoon political cartoon from Ramirez: Cap and Trade

This is pretty darn good. Of course, you had to see the original image of the cop chasing down the kid on the ball field in Philly.

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The entitlement society captured in a cartoon – Ramirez at IBD

Occasionally, I try to find that video sent to me from what I think was a Philadelphia block party where a mid-20s African American woman was listing off the great entitlement breaks she got “from Obama.” She loved Obama. Michael Ramirez captures the sentiment from the other side of the lens.

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On the one hand … on the other

From Powerline (where else) … I’ve been talking about this since early fall. Obama has a knack for covering all the bases. Read more