On the one hand … on the other

From Powerline (where else) … I’ve been talking about this since early fall. Obama has a knack for covering all the bases. From his Chicago speech to his inaugural to his speech to the Business Roundtable this week, he adept at telling people what they want to hear … not necessarily what he intends to do … which is … well I’m not exactly sure. As Jim Geraghty pointed out, every promise seems to come with an expiration date anyway (Here, and here).

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    At least Clinton made it look real when he lied to you.  This poseur, the "great elocutor," isn't smart enough to know that everything will reappear on YouTube to haunt him.

    Is it possible that his two teleprompters have two different messages?  😉

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