The entitlement society captured in a cartoon – Ramirez at IBD

Occasionally, I try to find that video sent to me from what I think was a Philadelphia block party where a mid-20s African American woman was listing off the great entitlement breaks she got “from Obama.” She loved Obama. Michael Ramirez captures the sentiment from the other side of the lens.

Ramirez hits the nail on the head – hat tip to Hinderaker at Power Line – making it clear these are not people in dire straights. We know we must have a culture and community that helps people and families who are in need. But our culture has changed to the point where we have bred a significant number of freeloaders who are happy to publicly thank the federal government for giving them stuff, while they continue to apply for more.

They want their fair share, and the more the better. They are entitled.

Click the cartoon to see the full size, and ensure you check out more of Ramirez’s creations over at Investor’s Business Daily.