Hamas uses the media as their weapon against Israel

Sure, you can call it a biased report since the video release is from Shraga Simmons at, but why not watch the video and discuss the facts? It will be our featured video for the next few days.

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Census Bureau making up anti-government concerns

From the Associated Press – a willing accomplice – we have a story concerning the Census Bureau’s concern about potential dangers to its workers, including anti-government sentiment and car accidents.

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Health insurers still the bad guy – LA Times journalistic malpractice

The attacks on insurance companies continue this morning, with Matt Drudge linking to the “Healthcare overhaul won’t stop premium increases” story at the Lost Angeles Times. Not once – not once – does the Times look into why the premiums are increasing.

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O’Reilly vs Politico Tea Party smack down

This is just classic, and if you missed it, well it is just good old fashioned classic O’Reilly. I generally bristle when people use absolutes (everyone, all, concensus, every), but in this case, I believe it’s close to true. Read more

Why the media still hates Sarah Palin

and why … I admire this woman so much. Who among us could withstand the constant barrage of smarmy and obviously jealous insults that not only she but her family continue to endure? Obviously smart and capable (she wasn’t just a Governor, she was a crusader who energetically took on the culture of corruption that Alaskans knew so well), she has, somehow, thrived.


Via Instapundit, John Ziegler, who knows her as well as anyone outside of Wasilla, writes:

You would think at this point it would be impossible for anyone (especially me) to be stunned or outraged by anything the news media tries to pull when it comes to Sarah Palin. After all, once you have been exposed to a year-long brutal beating, one tends to become numb to a simple low blow. However, the news coverage of her Hong Kong speech still managed to spark the senses on several levels.

The initial element that shocked me about the coverage of this Hong Kong event (other than its magnitude) was that, at first glance, the reporting left a remarkably positive impression of the speech. The New York Times in its second paragraph reluctantly admitted that those in attendance thought, “she was articulate, well-prepared and even compelling.” You can almost see the Times reporter and editors cringing at having to allow the Old Grey Lady to be soiled by such blasphemy to the modern liberal as the acknowledgement that Palin is not a complete dunce.

The AFP service’s first quote in their article was, “She was brilliant,” though they added the caveat that this assessment came from a delegate who requested their anonymity (presumably to protect the ability to make future dinner reservations in New York or Los Angeles).  Meanwhile, Bloomberg, after quoting someone who left the speech early as calling it “boring,” at least allowed the head of the sponsoring group to call it “a great speech.”

But a closer look at the coverage reveals that Palin Derangement Syndrome is still a robust strain within the news media and that the rules for reporting on her are completely different than anyone else in public life.

The column is a testament to Palin’s star power for sure … it is also an indictment of a liberal media that just can’t believe a country girl could possibly have anything worthy to contribute to society other than “dinner”. And trust me … it’s precisely what these elitists are thinking.

The Times actually deemed it appropriate to publish: “Mrs. Palin was faulted during the campaign last year for her lack of foreign policy experience and expertise. As the governor of Alaska, she said in her own defense, she had a unique insight because ‘you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska’ — a remark that was widely lampooned.”

This is simply a stunning statement coming from the newspaper of “record.” Palin “was faulted for her lack of foreign policy experience and expertise”? By whom? For what reason? The reality is that Palin’s foreign policy experience, while meager, was still greater than our current President whose nonexistent credentials (little more than a mysterious college trip to Pakistan) were never remotely questioned by the media, and a rudimentary examination of the Vice-Presidential debate reveals that it was Joe Biden who made all the significant foreign policy blunders.

As it turns out, Palin wasn’t the one we had to worry about when it came to foreign policy. It was the One. Had the press actually pressed the Messiah on some foreign policy points we wouldn’t be facing down the barrel of Iran’s nuclear “over/under” … and trying to deal with our newest “friend”, a potentially sanction busting Chavez. What’s more I can assure you she would not have given up the missile defense in Europe without something in return. Come to think of it … she wouldn’t have given it up at all.

Read it all Palin fans. It’s worth it.

Three Cheers For “The Sewer”

Well that disgusting cesspool of pajama clad reporters has done it again. No, not drive another administration official from office, or kill another overbearing, budget busting, border bashing bill. Although those sewer drenched on-line reporters have done all that and more.

No, once again those whacky pj kids (keep in mind the vast majority are professionals, lawyers, doctors,professors, former journalists) have once again done the work the main stream media either would not, could not or simply chose not to do.


The Van Jones story is just the latest example. Bloggers like Jim Hoft at Gateway, NY Times best selling author Michelle Malkin and respected on-line journalist Ed Morrissey, had been digging into the Van Jones story for weeks, and in Michelle Malkin’s case … months. Even RVO did a round-up Saturday morning,

Hard working and thorough, each charge was researched, sourced, and referenced so that any reader, and any newspaper for that matter, could easily track back to original sources and decide for themselves the veracity of the reporting.

And so, as was the case on Meet The Press on Sunday, red faced and utterly embarrassed main stream elites, coated in egg for failing to report any details whatsoever on Mr Jones, were reduced to attacking the messengers rather than applauding the message and the methods used by these fine journalists in uncovering the sketchy radical past of this one time Marxist revolutionary turned 9-11 truther.  Here is just a small portion of what noted author Tom Friedman had to say. Sounding bitter and angry, he bellowed like a spoiled child who just discovered he’s not so “special” after all.


Ironically, while conservative bloggers were taking hits in the MSM Sunday for digging up information on White House Advisor Jones most recent past, the MSM was reporting nothing. Well not nothing. The esteemed Washington Post, which apparently saw nothing worth reporting on a publicly profanity lacing, Marxist, 9-11 truther in the White House,  did find a 20 year old masters thesis by the Republican Virginia Gubernatorial candidate  worthy of 2 front page stories. Hmmm.

But whether its being the first to expose the unwieldy nature of the health care and immigration legislation, simply by reading and sourcing it, or the first to bring to the public’s attention the unwieldy and unvetted “czarapalooza” going on at the White House, the conservative and libertarian bloggers continue to school the main stream media on real journalism. The type of journalism newspapers and TV stations used to do. Instead the MSM have chosen to become Obama’s cheerleaders. They have abdicated and these very professional on-line journalists have filled the void.

So when I hear a respected TV anchorman and a best selling author sell these Internet journalists short, when they and their colleagues in the biz did nothing to either refute the story or add to it for that matter, they make themselves look small. Very small. Inconsequential.

I guess I should not have expected much from multimillionaires  who suggest the President raise gasoline prices to $4.00 a gallon, or push overbearing environmental legislation while they themselves live and travel like kings. I should not expect much from these elites but I guess I did, at least a Hat Tip.

A graduate of Boston University’s School of Public Communication with a Masters in Broadcast Journalism, I have been a journalist or commentator for more than 30 years now. I have had my ups and downs and made many a mistake. But I have always made it a point to attribute good ideas to their  authors, and acknowledge great reporting.

The mere fact that the media not only will not cover, but not acknowledge the Van Jones story for what it is … great digging on an important topic, tells me how far these overpaid ‘elites” have fallen. To call them “out of touch” would be kind.

Fast Times At White House High

Remember when the teacher just lost control of class one day … today was that day for Professor Gibbs. Read more

Media Intrusion? Comments Encouraged.

I post this only because this used to be my business, and I wonder what you think, what you would do? It is a TV staple. In any crisis, camp out on the family’s doorstep. Except in this case … the wife of Capt. Richard Phillips –  the man being held by Somali pirates – is telling the media … “Get Lost!”.

To Fox’s credit, Rick Leventhal says they will comply. But I wonder … should they? My civilian side says, of course. But the media is a different animal. You make the call.


I understand that the media wants the story and in this case, as Neil Cavuto points out, the Somali pirate story has international implications. But I am not sure that includes the wife of the ship’s captain. There is nothing she can tell you, except maybe get her husband in trouble. It’s a quandary.

Comments are welcome … from you civilians.

Bush administration wiretap plan good to go

Remember that question on This Week with George Stephanopoulos about wiretapping and the prosecution of George W. Bush’s gravest crimes?

With about 120 hours left in the current administration, a federal intelligence court has ruled that it is perfectly fine for the Executive branch to wiretap/intercept international phone calls and e-mails without a specific court order, even if American citizens are involved.

The court  ruled the president was within his authority, and my hope is  the Obama administration will use this as another tool to fight terrorists.

From the New York Times

The decision marks the first time since the disclosure of the National Security Agency’s warrantless eavesdropping program three years ago that an appellate court has addressed the constitutionality of the federal government’s wiretapping powers. In validating the government’s wide authority to collect foreign intelligence, it may offer legal credence to the Bush administration’s repeated assertions that the president has the power to act without specific court approval in ordering national security eavesdropping that may involve Americans.

So, what does that do for Bob Fertik, the man from New York who submitted the question? Fertik’s question did not just come from a New York citizen, it came from the Bob Fertik who co-founded and is well known in progressive political circles.

I wonder why Stephanopoulos chose that particular question? It’s not a secret at all what Fertik does or who he is, but why was he just referred to as a guy from New York on a national network news program?

Hat tip to Blackfive, and Paul at Power Line notes the change in tone as compared to previous main stream media stories about the wiretap program.

In his New York Times story on the case, Eric Lichtblau, who disclosed the existence of the warrantless surveillance program, sniffs that the court’s ruling “may offer legal credence to the Bush administration’s repeated assertions that the president has the power to act without specific court approval in ordering national security eavesdropping that may involve Americans.” (emphasis added) I guess so. Rulings by appellate courts, by definition, give “legal credence” to the positions they embrace. And here we’re talking about a court with special expertise in the subject matter that is ruling on an essentially novel issue.

The court’s ruling may not be the final word, and it certainly doesn’t end the discussion. But Lichtblau’s “may offer legal credence” locution is embarrassing, and stands in sharp contrast to the familiar “in a crushing blow to the Bush administration. . .” type of language the MSM serves up when these kinds of cases go the other way.

Media describes Palin budget increase as cut

Slashed funding. Budget cuts. Reduction in needed services. Increased class sizes. Shorter library hours. All of these statements are code words used by the liberal left to scare the crap out of senior citizens, school parents and unions. If you don’t agree to tax increases, your precious services – that can only be provided by the government – will be slashed.

The problem is, many of these statements are used to cover lies and misrepresentations, often supported by liberal media hacks. A great example is Paul Kane’s drive-by-media article on how Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska and vice presidential nominee, “slashed” funding 20 percent to Covenant House Alaska. Read more