O’Reilly vs Politico Tea Party smack down

This is just classic, and if you missed it, well it is just good old fashioned classic O’Reilly. I generally bristle when people use absolutes (everyone, all, concensus, every), but in this case, I believe it’s close to true.

O’Reilly’s researchers look into the MSM’s coverage of the Tea Party Convention in Nashville and discover two positive stories out of thousands. Reason enough O’Reilly says, the make the claim that the media hates the Tea Parties.

His guest Jim Vandehei pushes back by, not taking a critical whack of NBC, CBS or the NYT. Instead he criticizes FN editor Bill Sammon’s comment that the media hates the Tea Party. O’Reilly is baffled and get’s hot and the result is classic TV …


I have no doubt that the vast majority of the MSM look at the Tea Party movement with disgust. The very idea that ordinary middle Americans have the audacity to take to the streets and push back like, well like ACORN, has rattled their world. “Why Mom can’t behave this way. They must be nuts, fruitcakes, racists, mobsters, Teabaggers?”

We have documented the media coverage since August. CNN’s confrontation with Tea Party folks in Chicago, Anderson Cooper and MSNBC’s glee in playing with the Tea Party name, the New York Times ignoring the story from February through August … the list does on and on. All media? I am not sure, but the vast majority continue to characteristically frame the Tea Party protesters in a negative light, and that my friends is not fair and balanced, and we have noticed.