Connecticut gun criminal on probation finds another gun – shoots at mother and kids

But you see, it’s the law-abiding gun owners who need to register their guns and never have more than 10 rounds in a magazine … that’s the real problem right? Does Connecticut get it yet?

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Newtown families deceived before lobbying trip to Washington?

This morning I received a couple of notes referencing a Big Government post by Brian Cates. In turn, Cates references a Maureen Dowd interview with Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.).

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School suspends student for refusing to change NRA shirt – arrested

The real point for me is that the police should have never been called and the kid should have been left alone. Fourteen-year-old Jared Marcum wore a T-shirt to school that offended the administration because it said Protect Your Right with a picture of an AR-style rifle on it.

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Violent crime statistics up for 2012 – FBI preliminary report

I saw this report yesterday and I’ve been waiting for some journalist or politician to point to these preliminary numbers and scream out “See, see! More guns equals more crime.” I have not seen anything yet, so maybe there is some hope. I’ll still bet $10 that someone will read the first paragraph of the report and head right for a microphone somewhere.

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Obama and White House will no longer relate mass shootings and mental illness

Those with a mental illness who are physically violent are extremely rare, those who are violent with guns are even more rare. In the same vain, a firearm owner who commits a violent act with a gun is extremely rare too. We – gun owners – asked politicians and the media not to associate law-abiding gun owners with violent acts like the Sandy Hook shooting. We were ignored and specifically called out as the problem. Yet, President Obama was asked to distance mental health issues from the gun control issue, and he complied. Read more

Law Enforcement Survey: 90% do not support proposed gun-control legislation

We often hear from sheriffs (elected positions) and police chiefs (appointed by politicians) concerning their thoughts on “assault weapon” and “high-capacity” magazine bans, but we’re unable to hear from law enforcement officers not in leadership positions. A recent survey of more than 15,000 verified law enforcement professionals confirm what I’ve been hearing and what I’ve said for months. It’s almost unanimous… the proposed gun-control legislation will not help.

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Correction Request: NBC just said you can buy guns online and at gun shows without a background check

I don’t have the video, but Matt Lauer from the Today Show was just interviewing an NBC talking head and the talking head inferred – again – that you can buy a gun at a gun show or online without a background check. This is an outright lie when it comes to online purchases, and stretches the truth on gun shows.

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Obama gets to choose his own facts – Newtown shooter used “fully automatic” weapon

Of course it’s not just a weapon, more specifically it was a rifle, and only a semi-automatic rifle at that. But that does not stop President Obama from deliberately misleading everyone who listens to him by stating a “fully automatic weapon” was used in during the Newtown shooting. That’s an outright lie.

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Three reasons for gun registration in Connecticut: Stigmatization, Confiscation and Revenue

Why registration? Why registration of “in common use” semi-automatic rifles? Why registration of magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds? There are three reasons the gun-control crowd in Connecticut wants registration … and none of them are to prevent crime or save children.

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Background checks

While the President and many in Congress are demanding federal legislation that will require background checks prior to purchasing a weapon, another piece of our government is insisting that background checks could be unlawful. Read more