Newtown families deceived before lobbying trip to Washington?

This morning I received a couple of notes referencing a Big Government post by Brian Cates. In turn, Cates references a Maureen Dowd interview with Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.).

From Dowd’s piece.

Murphy said it was hard, flying down on Air Force One with the trepidatious Sandy Hook families, to explain that they would be lobbying to get a vote on a vote. “They thought they were coming down here to argue for a ban on high-capacity magazines and universal background checks, and we told them that they were coming to argue to avert a filibuster and allow us to debate,” he said. “And that was really heartbreaking and deflating for some of them. But they rose to the occasion, and it was wonderful to see them at the end of the trip feeling like they had made a difference.”

What exactly were the families told prior to the flight? Did they make assumptions or were they told something that was not true?

Some are suggesting Murphy lied to the families – or tricked them – while encouraging them to come to Washington. There is no evidence at all to support that. My guess is those responsible for communicating with the families were not clear about the trip’s mission. Their is no indication the families complained or stated they were duped into going to Washington.

In the article, Murphy also states…

“Gun ownership has dramatically dropped over the last 20 years, so now it’s about selling a larger number of more expensive weapons to a smaller number of customers,” the senator said. “The N.R.A., doing the bidding of the industry, ratchets up paranoia about government so that those people will go out and buy more guns.”

Talk about projection. The NRA has not needed to do a damn thing to sell any weapons at all since 2008. The proposed policies and past history of politicians like President Obama and Murphy, along with the knee-jerk anti-gun lobby is doing plenty to increase sales and ensure ammunition is in short supply.

Also, I do not believe gun ownership has “dramatically dropped” during the last 20 years. As I understand it, hunting has become less popular in many states, but I would like to see the statistics showing a gun ownership decline. I know plenty of people who got into shooting sports and firearms during the last five to seven years. Where the number of hunters may have declined, the number of IDPA and other similar shooting sports has greatly increased.

Can anyone point to any statistics to prove Murphy’s point? He’s not talking to me…

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  1. Plainvillian
    Plainvillian says:

    Like all liberals, doesn’t Prissy Chrissy make up his facts to support the leftist agenda?

  2. Eric
    Eric says: points to a couple of recent studies of late, one in particular from the prestigious Pew Research Center that show Mr.’s Murphy and Obama to be 180 degrees off center as to the statistics they’re relating. While again observing the liberal obsession with poor math skills, another annoyance brought about by our bankrupt system of public education in this country, a more objective look at the REAL NUMBERS can be found at the following site: <; ?The statistics related on this site were reported by The Centers For Disease Control And Protection, The Department Of Justice National Crime Victimization Survey and the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports. ?These are very credible sources and certainly show the stat’s that the president and the congressman were using to be false. ?Big surprise!?

  3. Don Lombardo
    Don Lombardo says:

    Liberalism (socialism) is a lie. You can’t spend other peoples money to cure a phony ?made up social injustice.? It’s a scheme that promotes a permanent underclass and enslaves them to the government.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      I find it fascinating that otherwise seemingly smart people have continued to buy into the lie that socialism is, especially when it’s history is that of complete failure, regardless of where it’s been tried. ?The kind of people who believe in this failed philosophy are a more cynical lot who’ve failed in personal wants and needs and are therefore more open to filling their ?pockets with someone else’s money. ?You have to be willing to give up your individuality to be able to thrive in a socialists society. ?This simply doesn’t fit in an American culture that thrives on individuality and exceptionalism, something very exclusive to we Americans. ?There are always going to be people that can’t stand up on their own two feet? for whatever reason. ?Thankfully they’re in the minority. ?Every society has people like that have to be dealt with. ?It’s the tyrannical minds of those liberals in leadership that have to be held in check. ?These people are very dangerous to us all in an otherwise free society!

  4. kateinmaine
    kateinmaine says:

    keeping in mind that the media ‘help’ us by interpreting ‘confusing’ data, here are a couple of older takes on this:? and
    is it possible that smurphs has something wrong and is running with it anyway to carry the water, that he’s only telling part of the tale OR that people (and gun mfrs)? have merely wised-up and stopped ‘self-reporting’ about their personal security plans?

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