Majority of Americans say “No” to federal government’s involvement in health care

I think this is significant since it gives promise to our demands for a smaller and leaner government, especially at the federal level. Only 42 percent of random adults think the federal government should be involved with health care.

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Percentage of part-time workers looking for full-time work back at 2 year high

From Gallup’s recent update we learn their measure of part-time workers who would prefer to have a full-time job is back up to 10.1 percent, which is back to the two-year high.

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Gallup: Washington, D.C. most liberal state

Did I miss something over the last couple of days? There is a video floating around the net asking high school students how many states there are. Some of those students must now be working for Gallup, who claims there are now 51 states.

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Gallup: Surprise, Americans not so happy with “The One’s” handling of economy – Video

You’ll find this across the internet today but I am posting too because it is so important. It’s significant because it shows the American people get it … and two … it’s not Bush’s economy anymore. Change! Read more

In United States, 17% work for the government

From a new Gallup poll, we find that 1.7 of 10 American workers work for the government. That figure includes all local, state and federal workers, but unfortunately the survey does not break down the job function (military,teachers, fire, police…).

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Obama health care bounce gone – if there ever was one

President Obama’s weekly approval rating has dropped to 47 percent. Gallup notes the nuclear arms summit and the mixed messages concerning when the United States would, could or might use them may have cause discomfort, but I’m not sure that was such a big deal.

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Gallup: TEA Party demographics represent mainstream America

Of course, many of the mainstream TEA Party members are more conservative than liberal, but we’ve been told by the media there are few “other than white” faces at TEA Party events. Will Gallup’s recent poll put an end to the TEA Party race component question?

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Poll – 55% want health care legislation repealed

Not just fix it, but repeal it. More than half of Americans don’t like the legislation or the way it was forced through Congress. You’ll see plenty of video online with free-loaders thinking it’s Christmas, where all they will need to do is pay their co-pay and everything will be OK.

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Ouch – Holiday spending down 21% from 2008

I think this is pretty significant even though it is a survey and not actually raw data from retail outlets. Gallup monitors trends in consumer confidence and spending on a weekly basis. Although consumer confidence has been trending up since mid-November, the year-to-year percent change in consumer spending is down 25 percent and 21 percent for the last two weeks.

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Public opinion on government size and budget – big and wasteful

Granted, the information comes from a poll with subjective questions, but Gallup released a couple of polls early this week concerning the perception of the waste at the federal government level and over-regulation of business. Perception is reality, and I argue their is now a consensus.

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