Gallup: Surprise, Americans not so happy with “The One’s” handling of economy – Video

You’ll find this across the internet today but I am posting too because it is so important. It’s significant because it shows the American people get it … and two … it’s not Bush’s economy anymore. Change!

Here are the details, and then a comment.

President Barack Obama’s approval rating for handling the federal budget deficit has gone from bad to worse in recent months, even as his ratings on all other major national issues have generally held steady. Currently, 27% of Americans approve of Obama on the deficit, down from 32% in November, while 68% disapprove.

I am surprised, but maybe I should not be. The American people no longer buy into The One’s rhetoric. The American people now expect actions to match the words. You know, like “If you like your Doctor you can keep him”, yada yada stuff.

So, when the President says he intends to take jobs and the deficit seriously, and then propose a $42 billion bailout for states and a $50 billion dollar high speed rail project, even as we set a record $1.5 trillion deficit, well it’s no wonder the American people have become desensitized to Obama’s magical mystery powers of persuasion.

Then again maybe only the American people are actually paying attention to the news. Watch this little exchange between Ben Bernanke and Congressman Paul Ryan on why its critical that the Government cuts spending. It certainly is a joy to watch a real adult chairing the House Budget Committee.


Ed Morrissey at HotAir has a partial transcript:

Ryan: “Just to summarize, you do believe that one of the best things we can do for short-term economic growth is to put out a plan that actually stabilizes our fiscal picture, that actually gets our liabilities under control, and shows, with confidence, that we have the right trajectory because we’ve addressed the programs — which are spending programs — that are getting us out of control. Is that the case?”

Bernanke: “That’s correct.”

Umm, yes, that is correct.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Maybe he (or really, we) should get one of those "Suck-O-Meters" that they use in the Nicorette commercials!  😉


    He'll have that puppy pegged to the left for sure!   LOLOLOL!

  2. sammy22
    sammy22 says:

    I am waiting for Paul Ryan and Co. to come up w/ a specific plan. So far it's just words from the campaign trail (see quote above).

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